Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day!

dawn is breaking
WE made it up to my sisters house they got off just in the nick of time, the airport closed last night after the snow started...I like snow if I have 2 skies strapped on my feet otherwise its not what I had in mind..I hated those winters shoveling snow in NY to get my car out only to have the plow come around and rebury it while I went it to change my clothes!

And poor Indy she had surgery on her hip before Christmas and WOW what a long recovery she is enduring she has to be kept confined, and when she walks which is only 3 very short outings a day for bizzness and not really for exercise she has to have the sling thingy placed under her belly to help take some of the weight off that leg and having to do all this while muffed to the brim with winter clothing and 8 inches of fresh powder does not make for a happy camper!..My dogs had a blast running around in the snow then they resembled frozen dog cycles with a snow coating--

Even the squirrels didnt come out of the nest today--they got the memo--Take a snow day---but the birds  all decided to come here for Lunch! So I tried to get a few photos of them---which was not so hot considering the windows are not exactly Windex worthy...I went out with my camera and the birds-- flew away so back inside I got a few hand held shots of backyard birds. 

The jays loaded up on nuts

snow jan 168

The red bellied woodpecker and the cardinal put a nice splash of red against the white snow...

excuse me, look this way plz

This little Junco was all puffed up against the cold...

This little downy Woodpecker was poking around....we usually see some chipmunks here but Im thinking they are cozied up in their dens waiting on a thaw...

this is the gazebo at the neighbors house (this is where little Poco now lives), and she is quite the squirrel chaser, I went to speak to her at the fence and she didnt remember me, oh well no matter she looks great when the snow melts I hope to get a shot photo of her

I took my dogs out back they had a run thru the powder
then it was a walk out front and a chat with the neighbors who always think Im my sister...I could pretend to be her I the family resemblance is very strong! I would do that but heck that girl is a workaholic so I dont think I want to trade with her....So then back inside to wait out his cold gloomy day...reading blogs and watching the birds at the feeders...if the electricity stays on all will be good....

I never realized their house was yellow till now!


  1. We have a yellow house too! Mingus would love to go out but I'm in bed with back pain (tried to bring some wood in earlier). S-I-L just stopped by and took him out for a pee. She dropped her dog off so the two could play but no, Mingus has to be by me.

    Enjoy you leisure snow day.

  2. Hey...Your photos are outstanding. I really like the Blue Jay. Can't tell your windows need cleaning.LOL!
    I hear you about (maybe) losing electricity tonight. Let's hope for the best. Stay warm!

  3. Brrrrr, looks so snowy and cold. Button up and stay warm!

  4. I got pictures of cardinals and a blue jay today at the feeders. Love the pictures you took- very nice. Especially love seeing the snow that we didn't get. LOL

  5. Oh, poor little Indy - my heart goes out to you both. Great bird shots! All we have around here are hummingbirds, but I've taken about 200 pictures so far!

  6. aren't birds in snow the cutest thing? They're all fluffy and stuff! That's a lot of snow, whoa! Makes for great shot, lots of good photos in this post. Sorry about Indy - hope the recovery is speedy!!

  7. So much snow you got there!
    Love the shots of the birds; especially the Blue Jay.

  8. That was always the best thing about a snow storm - having more birds at the feeders.


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