Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chocolate and other Peachy things

I just finished creating some new designs and although they didnt come from the heart as most of my art does, I am hoping for some freelance money from them. We shall see. It sometimes takes a an enormous amount of time from my drawing to the paycheck arriving, therefore I cant say this is steady employment...

Most of my artwork reflects my love of the natural world around me. Yesterday I traveled to a wildlife area not too far from where I live...they were burning, which was a disappoinment to me, I saw only 2 geese nibbling the green shoots around a pond. There were some sparrows here and there but not the waders or the waterfowl I came to see...the water level was high also. They have built a new photographers blind, and only turtles were sitting around waiting to be photographed.

I was not totally disappointed though, the peach trees of McLeod Farms were in full bloom. And I snapped a few photos of those. I had my camera set wrong and most of my shots came out tooooo bright. I just cant see the digital screen in the sun. I must get some sunglasses.

My new artwork although it has the pretty pink tones of the peach blossoms was inspired by CHOCOLATE BON


Sprigs Pink

Chocolate Kisses

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