Sunday, February 23, 2020

7 Ordinary days

Friday: 02.14.2020
I propped two very sweet valentine's cards that arrived in the mailbox up on the fireplace mantle...and I dug through the many cards I had saved from Mom thru the years, and I put one on the Fridge...because it reminds me of how much she loved me.  Do you keep cards given to you, and do you hope the ones you send are kept and cherished by someone you love? 

Saturday: 02.15.2020
I went back to the County Park, and found 2 Winter Wrens this time.  They both chattered back exactly to the playback from my phone...Since I didn't get a sweet look  before they disappeared into a thicket, I wanted to be sure it was Winter Wrens again...and it def was.  I got an exciting shot of the rosy blush of the Red Bellied Woodpecker against a wonderful rare blue sky.

The Water is receding but still quite high as the sign below can testify.  The new shoreline has no path along the edges so I hope the bank walk  will return. 


Amazing what you find, some sort of fish?  Catfish? Ancient Alien?

I hung out there a couple hours, then I drove to another park. I love fields where fence posts follow the road, some great birding can happen along those barbed wire perches! Today I found not one, but two Loggerhead Shrikes...the other was in a tree...a mating pair?

At the Lake Wateree State Park, there was also flooding, note the hiking trail...

You could bushwhack and get around it for the most part... This Great Blue Heron was finding his lunch there just off the trail on he may have been on the trail, I couldn't tell. 

No picnic today! This is the table we sat at on our last trip here. 

Sunday 02.16.2020:
I took part in the Big Backyard Bird Count.  It's a 15 minute quick look...So on Friday at 4 pm I had 19 species, on Saturday I had only 9 species at 8 am...then today it's raining again, so I watched from the porch at about noon...I got 13 species.   So I learned something; my feeders and yard attract more birds in the afternoon..

Spent the rest of the rain day organizing some of the Mom photos that I did not have in albums but were stored in bins...listened to my Seals and Croft LP's, watched cooking shows on TV, read your blogs, and worked on this post. The Pine Warblers are warbling loudly from under the Dogwood by the window in between rain showers, and I saw one American Crow carrying nesting material! Life continues.

Monday 02.17.2020,
It was a blue bird day as we say.  The sky was as blue as, you guessed it, the blue bird.  I hung around the homestead and worked on a project...My found item deck chairs needed a new coat of paint so I scraped and painted.  I got 2 of the 3 pieces done..and I used the left over paint from Mom's Ramp. A squirrel has already taken a few bites of the chair! I had to remove the cushions after they destroyed one. Somewhere there is nest full of polyester fiber!

Tuesday: 2.18.2020
Gloomy! Awoke to grey bleak skies, answered email and was reminded of waking up on Saturdays as a child.  That meant the day started with cartoons, and always a day outside playing and wandering. Days like that gave me butterflies.  When was the last time anything gave you butterflies? 

Wednesday: 02.19.2020
More gloom and rain! UGH>I had to run into town for bird seed! I got some onion sets for my garden pots, and checked out my already coming up Black Seeded Lettuce, and Spinach.  Birds are happy! I am keeping these pots covered so the Squirrels won't get my baby greens.  

Thursday: 02.20.2020

Wow...lots of 2's.  In 202 years plus 2 days it will be 02.22.2222 None of us will be here for that...:o/  More rain! Im getting cabin fever, and we may get a wintry mix around 9 pm, it won't accumulate here they say but it could be icy overnight on the roads. Rain Rain Go Away...The SC roads workers have 9 tons of me they don't know how to use it, once they salted a road near us and they put it down so heavy it disintegrated the tarmac and it became a gravel/dirt road again!  They repaved, but what a waste. 

 a few camellia blossoms fell off in the heavy rain

Friday 02.21.2020
Finally a sunny but very cold day!  I went to visit Mom...and now it's all final the date she arrived on Earth and the day she skipped outta here and Arrived someplace else...I hope there's trees and birds there...and she gets butterflies every single day. 

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Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello, Sondra
    I always enjoyed finding a Shrike, not sure why they are mean birds. Love the Pine Warbler, Woodie and the Heron. Wow, the flooding there looks bad.
    We are getting rain but not that much. I would like to think your mom is still enjoying the birds and butterflies. The weeks are flying by, next Sunday will be March 1st. I will look forward to the time change and longer daylight March 8th. Have a great day and a happy new week!

    1. HI Eileen...yes I think I will enjoy more daylight hours for sure. Before you know it we will be chasing those migrants and watching the summer birds nest.

  2. You sure have had lots of rain! Hiking trails all flooded out. But it makes for good fishing for the birds. You did get some birds at least on your outing, but did great in your own yard. We also had more rain and today was so cloudy I thought it surely would rain again.

    1. Its raining again and basically our 7 day outlook has 2 sunny days the rest rain...I can't imagine I can get used to this! But I sure can't do anything about

  3. I keep cards, just the special ones though, I had to be ruthless and get rid of lots because they took up too much space! It looks like you've had some mixed days, the photo of the Heron is lovely! That's a good count for the backyard, it's funny I usually get my highest count early in the morning here.

    1. HI Pam, the clear days are cold, and the rainy days are soggy so that probably had a lot to do with my counts. I have a couple shoe boxes full of cards! And one album I thought I could put them all in albums but So far I think in Summer I will see more birds at the feeders in the morning hours..

  4. I shudder to think of all that salt getting into the soil, the water table and how it must affect the root systems of plants. There's gotta be a better way!

    1. Yes, this climate change thing is already getting old! I really don't like soggy ground and mud! It just keeps coming however the rivers are getting back within their banks..almost.

  5. Yes new growth and buds of all kinds are beginning to appear here too, despite a,, the rain and storms. Frogspawn appeared in our pond about a week ago. It's gradually turning into Spring. Lets hope we have seen the last of these Atlantic storms......till next year.

    1. HI Dave, our rain seems to come up via the Gulf of Mexico...I think some huge fans there would be good to turn back some of those clouds or (the gulf stream)

  6. Love the micro greens (really still a little too micro at this stage, but you can tell they're gonna be wonderful)... and your days really *are not* ordinary if that word is a synonym for boring...each one really was an adventure. The flood part of it was too scary of a one for me actually. ...hope that Soring (without flooding) is on the way for you. .... nice pic of the shrike. They are sweet looking birds in spite of their sort of villainous behavior!

    1. I know Spring is coming and in some ways it's here, it will be a soggy one tho...most of my life happens outside so the rain has put a damper on things. My job now is to keep the squirrel away from my little greens till they grow up! They need some sunshine.


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