Monday, March 11, 2019

Marching into breeding season...

March has been slow!  A Lone Pine Siskin made an appearance at my mom's feeder when I was over visiting,,,and the Fish Crow who was menacing a Bald Eagle made an addition to the list.   And so far that's all and it's the 11th! Meanwhile love is in the air!  I don't think this pair is nesting here but they are very cozy date night maybe?
The blue birds have picked one of the fake gourds to build in, as they normally do...and they normally have 2 broods.  Soon they will be joined by the Great Crested Flycatchers they also  nest build in the gourds. 

Got this hybrid activity kinda interesting...


What do you see in these shots?

Besides the fog and gloomy sky that is...

Yep thats' our challenge this month, to leave things better than we found it.  Good Idea.   Meanwhile we went to this really neglected cemetery ...something this way slithers!

One of 2 black snakes I saw...and the great thing was the cemetery is located right next to this really awesome wetland! 

complete with an Eagle Nest...

After looking as closely zoomed as possible I do see at least one bird in the nest You can only see the back in this shot 

...and here is at least one of the pair.   I also heard a barred owl calling out! What a nice surprise that was!  No it's not in my radius not even in my county but I will continue to bird is not far from home.  I suggested it as a hot spot.  Had some other expected birds around and even my FOY 
Yellow Throated Warbler, hope to get one in my radius soon too.

...this Female Pine Warbler, had me fooled normally on the feeders at home the male is around to remind me of what I'm looking at, she is really a beautiful bird!

Back in the radius 

Yellow shafted northern flicker...

The Great egret lined up just right for a fun shot...

this old machinery has been here so long the trees have grown it "in" it's still in amazing shape! I bet if you pulled it out of there you could use it again. 

Our state flower is blooming, the Yellow Jasmine

And look what we found...

A Hickory Nut sprouting I just mentioned not long ago how nice it is to have a hickory tree in your forest so Mom and I plan to plant this one at out homestead!  Mom comes with us when we go cemeterying..she doesn't really enjoy it cause she has to wait in the car with Jimmy she forgot my name and called me Camden, hmmm I kinda like it, but she never forgets Jimmy's  If it's sunny and the ground is level and not muddy she gets out and sits in the shade.  She gets to eat lunch out -french fries-cookies- and ice cream, she is 94 and eats what she likes.  In her mind we are berry picking why else would we put on straw hats and go tromping around in the woods??So we play along... and she asked how many did we get today I got at least
1 quart of blackberry 

THORNS ouch! 

Mom Berry picking June 2008

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Great pictures. Love the stories and memories you are making of your mom at this time in her life, and the pictures of her picking berries from a while back are just so cute.

    1. HI Jo, mom used to love getting out going plundering with us, now she gets turned around and she gets afraid about where she will be spending the night. We explain but it just doesn't sink in till we return home then she is fine.

  2. Hybrid ducks cause no end of identification problems, well for me anyway. That shot of the Great Egret is a great one, and if only everyone picked up some litter or at least take their own litter home the countryside would be better, but plastic bags are the worst. Old farm machinery is on many farms here too, surely it has some value if only scrap value and far better being sold off than left to rot, another form of litter really.

    That hickory nut looks as if there is a maggot emerging from it.

    1. Hi Dave,,,liter is such a huge problem, I don't understand those people who drop it? What are they thinking...and you're right the old machines are also trash! The Hickory nut is sprouting! So I hope to plant it!

  3. Your mum looks very happy :) A great idea to leave places better than you found them, the amount of litter that gets dropped is dreadful and I don't know if this is an issue there but people must pick up their dog poop here, which many do and then they fling the bag in a bush or tree, why??!!

    I like the photo of the Egret, a nicely timed shot!

    1. I agree why do they sling it into a tree or nasty! With out oceans being so trashed everyone needs to adopt a new attitude toward trash.

  4. Hello, great photos of your Mom. Love all the birds, the Yellow-throated Warbler is gorgeous. I would love to have the yellow jasmine growing in my yard, but it is not hardy enough for our planting zone. Wishing you a happy day and week ahead!

    1. HI is so photogenic! SHE loved picking berries, and in her mind now she is back to her early teen years. She thinks she is at her Grandmother's house, and she thinks she is in Tennessee. We try to not confuse her but it's hard. Alzheimer is hard to deal with. BUT we are determined to give her quality of life even when she doesn't want

  5. Good for you for cleaning up the environment and a pox on the people who strew their garbage around.

    1. Thanks David! I get quite disgusted with people who just don't give a damn and think they are not responsible for their actions!

  6. Great post! That video cracked me up. That Mallard might be too short to ride that ride :) Fun birds, and good job on the cleanup!

    1. I was quite surprised...this is where hybrid's come from..:) Yes and did you see how she ZOOMED across the pond It was the most thrilling response I've seen yet, too bad he couldn't hold on for


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