Saturday, April 15, 2017


WE DID IT, although we knew putting the siding up on the back n sides would be hard because the sheets are so heavy! BUT, we got it up...a lot of cursing,  one busted thumb, one ugly hematoma and  finally it was up!! 

I now have an enclosed and dry shed!! Also a good spot for the mower,  and even tho its a bit smaller than my old shed it will be perfect.  Small means I have to organize my junk! I still have all the odds n ends necessary for a full time DIY'er like myself.

          my work table, left over paints, coffee cans of nails, screws, and odds n ends

                                                 the mowers, my bike, and other must haves

I wanted sliding doors but the hardware was sooo expensive.  I had these hinges so we used them instead! We did have to close up the opening a little more than I wanted to...but it's still big enough for the mower to fit without any problems. 

  I had several years of SC license plates so I hung them alongside my potting table and garden hand tools

I had the final appt, with the DR so finally I've been sitting down with my maps and getting a feel for what I can expect in the way of places to camp when I head to TX this week.
My budget has taken such a hit with the damned water pump on the van, some new tires and a tie rod...and the medical I may end up hitting some Camp Walmarts, I don't like urban camping, but it's free, especially during the getting there and back portion. I'll go across GA, AL, MS, LS, and then into TX. 
 I don't know how long I will be traveling.  I hate leaving my sis with everything to do, especially since Mom fell yet again and broke her right wrist the very next week after being released from the left arm break! 

Unless you can sit by her 24/7, which we try but it's impossible to do, she will get up and move from room to room...and this time it was the same type thing as before. She got up went into the kitchen but went back in the living room for some reason, and left the walker in the kitchen.  She fell!! We don't want to put her in a NH but she is making it very difficult. 
The day before she fell we all went to Congaree National Park, and we had a great walk around. 

                                             Jimmy,  big sis, me, mom,  and lil sis

She did not look this cute when we rushed into the house (we were in the yard when we heard her fall) Floss is showing you how we found mom...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The shed looks great! I knew it would once you had it all painted. So neat an organized. I like the colors you picked to.

    Sorry to hear your mom had yet another fall and now a broken wrist. I know you want to keep her home but how many more falls before she really breaks a hip or worse. I love the dog demonstration of how you found her. Good thing you were all close at hand.

    Hope you enjoy your trip. I understand about the budget. I got hit hard too this month. But I am still taking off Wed. for as long as I can.

    1. Hi Jo, mom has already broken both hips! She had both replaced, of course they could rebrake....She has osteoporosis, so just a bounce will brake her bones, she has had, broken ribs, broken sternum, both hips, the humerus, the radial bone, and she has scoliosis! So it's almost a given for her...but IS she would just follow the "rules" of always asking for help to move from one level to the next and use her walker she wouldn't fall.
      I'm packed for a Monday morning departure.

  2. You've done a great job, one to be proud of. Its very practical withe your work table, and space to do lots of projects. Will you put electricity out to it? |I expect your readers are looking forward to your trip almost as much as you are, it sounds good, lots of places to see. I know I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Even though its hard to leave your Mom at least you know she's in safe hands with your sister. Are you taking your dog along with you? So safe travels and have fun.

    1. Thanks Dave, I do plan to extend the electric, the old shed had electric, so I will join on there and get it wired at some point.
      The dogs are staying home! TX is already HOT, so I don't want to worry about them being in a hot van waiting on me when I do on bird walks. BUT I miss them already!!

  3. The shed is a work of genius. I'm sure your sis agrees that you need and deserve the time off and I wish you happy and safe travels. Lots of RVers do the free camping while enroute to their destination... makes sense really if all you're planning to do is sleep refuel and leave early in the morning.

    1. Thank you Sallie, when I return I will give sis a much needed respite, I offered to keep mom at my house this week to give her a break but she said nope she was fine. Mom said she wants to move into my shed..LoL. she calls it "the little house".


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