Friday, February 10, 2017


I've been building a fire in the fireplace each night since I'm back in my house.  It's nice to sit in the evenings and just watch the fire flicker.  My evening thrill.  My daytime thrill is the nice days with Spring coming on strong...I know you guys want to know how Mom is, and she is doing good! She is getting stronger each day, and we have hopes she will be able to move around much better when her arm can be "weight bearing" and she can manage using her rolling walker again. 

The shed project continues, now the wall framing is done and it's time to raise the rafters! This is where it gets harder having to be up on the ladder to work...keep knocking myself in the head Duh!

              Just 2 more rafters for the main part of the shed and it's time to replace the tin!
                                                 Bought 10) 2 x 4 x 8  $36.00  

And though it will be a while before anything starts to break the ground, we planted a winter garden, couple kinds of lettuce, some kale, Swiss chard,  mustard greens, parsley, and cilantro! And I'll add a bed of potato and onions as well. 

My weekend plans:
It's Friday night and one of my favorite TV shows, Grimm,  comes on and I can get it over my antenna!  And later I hope to see something cosmic happen as I step outside to check the night sky!
Saturday is my son's 36th birthday..and if Rosie is gonna be on SNL I will stay up for that!
Sunday the Walking Dead starts again and I'll be watching that over with mom and sis, as my antenna does not get that!  I'll bring the popcorn.

Not much happening in my small world at this time. I'm keeping my eye on the political arena, and I'm beyond words at how things are going...its such a sad time in the life of a liberal (and most Americans).  I am happy to see more people voicing their opinions, protesting, and calling a lie--> a lie! I've been so shocked by this Jason Chaffetz and his attacks on the environment, and now the EPA, UTAH what the hell are you thinking????  Y'all are lucky you're not on  my Facebook list, that's where my political ranting happens! I have only 32 friends and half of them are suddenly quiet I suppose they voted for him...I had a Twitter account I never used and haven't signed into for a couple years...I decided to check it...OMG I had almost 500 twitter friends??? I did not authorize any of them only a couple folks, like less than 10 were actually my friends! I could not find a way to mass delete those "fake" friends most of who wrote in Japanese, Chinese, or I deleted the whole thing! If you have a social account you are not keeping an eye on better go check it out! There was all sorts of porn and other crap on "MY" twitter! Jeez!

It is comforting to have a simple life...small things are the highlight right now...hope you have some small things going on in yours too! 


 Story Time: The Hand Shake 1973

How many famous people have you met?  I've met a few but one that impressed me happened at Belmont Park! I was working as a groom at the time, and had a filly running in a claiming race, and it was her maiden race.  How that works is this, the horse can be claimed, or purchased during the race for an amount set by the owner of the horse! In the paddock where the jockey gets on the horse is also a bit of  a "hobnob social" for the owners, trainer, and visitors.  My job as a groom was to walk the horse around in the paddock and when the jockey is weighted he brings his saddle over and the trainer normally gets the saddle from the jockey and they put it on the horse, the groom makes sure the horse is held quiet, and does not kick or bite anyone!  Then once the horse is saddled, the groom gives the jockey a leg up and then you walk around a few turns while he tightens up the girth and knots up the reins and takes out any braids you have placed in the mane where he may need to grab! Then you exit the paddock and the jockey is either on his own or if he has a lead pony the lead pony and rider will escort your filly to the track where they warm up by galloping to the starting gate. 

I did not know the owner of this filly, the barn I worked for trained horses owned by various people, rich folks ya know.  In the paddock the owner, who hoped she could get rid of this filly and the money it was costing her, came over to say goodbye to her filly.

So she came up with my boss, the trainer. They didn't acknowledge me, I was just the "help"...but her guest came directly up to speak to me! So I smiled and he extended his hand and greeted me with a big smile, "Hello, Andy Williams," I replied "Hi, I'm Sondra it's nice to meet you." That's when I realized it was the Andy Williams and it struck me how short he was!

After the race I had to go down and get my horse, she ran good but didn't place, I was met by the new owner and his groom had a halter to put on my filly, so the filly got claimed.  I walked back to the barn by myself carrying her bridle, halter, and shank humming Moon River!
Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Ooh have I told you my Grimm story? Three of the main actors have shopped at the backyard bird shop where I work. They all live in the neighborhood where it's located. The werewolf guy (I forget his name) is the most regular. He's pretty quiet and I get kinda awkward with famous-ish people and I rambled on once about how my dog eats sunflower seeds and then poops them out. He said his dog does the same thing.

    Glad to hear your mom is still improving!

    1. OH MONROE? His character name that is I love that GUY...he is so cool...AND I am so sad this is the last season for it. I've been a fan from the get go. His real name is Silas Mitchell. I've seen him a couple of the old Law and Order series too. The lead actor who plays Nick, is a cute guy for sure, and I heard that he and the actress playing Juliet are an item. Ohhh to be young and famous eh? My dogs lay under the feeders and eat like pigs no wonder they're so fat!

  2. Your Mom improving must be a great relief and allow you to get back to doing the things you did before.
    The shed is looking good, will you leave a large roof overhang? It can save on guttering as the rain runs off well clear of the shed walls. Will the walls
    be be timber clad?
    I like your Andy Williams story, its always good hearing peoples stories like that.
    All the best and I hope things keep going in the right direction for you.

    1. I've been trying to get much of the work done will sis is here to help so it makes it go faster having a helper! The wide roof overhang is due to the size of the tin, and my change in the size to 8ft. I think it will help keep the shed walls dry and less rot! And in the back my tools will be dry and my wood pile can go under there too. the wall material is yet to be determined...It will be a budget driven decision for sure.

  3. Oh those beautiful flowers! Happy to read your mom is doing much better. The shed is coming along nicely. Your one heck of a woman getting up there to place the rafters. You sure have been busy and of course Mr. Casey is handsome as ever.

    Love your Andy Williams story. You have lead a very interesting life.

    1. The camellia's are doing great his yr! We have had such warm sunny days...My garden is already coming up its in the ground one week!!
      I have a few Andy Williams records, including a Christmas album he did with his brothers...its a good traditional one.

  4. Your mom is a fighter! Now I know where you get your 'feisty' from! Jeepers, I might have a Twitter account too that I have never looked at.... better check it out. Eek.

    Love the story. Andy Williams was interesting, but the best part of it was hearing about your job as a groom -- a job I knew nothing at all about ...had no idea and it was great to learn about it. Fascinating. (LOL, I thought you were more interesting than Andy Williams.)

    1. Oh yes I wanted to be a Jockey when I grew up... but who knew I'd grow soooo much once I got past my


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