Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Little Bit Country...

Not Gourmet!!  Im so tired of those sissy  people on HGTV whining about gourmet kitchens...yuk, its only as gourmet as the cook!! Kitchen politics aside...

Got a few updates for you....
The mosaic tile is up, grouted, and sealed! YIPPIE.  It was not hard to do, it is however messy.  I didnt take one single photo of the process of the tiling, you lay it out, make your cuts, put the mastic on with a notched trowel, and then stick it up press with the grouting pad to make sure its nice and flat.  And keep the level handy...I worked in a 4 tile area at the time.

this backsplash is 16 inches tall, I used 17 tiles, (12" x 12") it has to sit overnight before grouting. 

I mixed up the grout they say to be about like Peanut butter...this is unsanded which is what my tile called for. 

I mixed it with my drill and one inch spade bit and then I whipped it with my whisk! HA!

Taped off the edges prior to grouting its messy...


then takes some time but you have to use the grout before 4 took me about 1 hr 20 mins to spread the grout, then push it into the spaces aroudn the tiles at a 45 degree angle,  and then after 1/2 hr you must sponge off the have to do that over and over till the excess is all gone...then buff the dusty film off..after it sits for a while.

Next step is wait 24 hrs then do the sealing...I had to seal the stone pieces in this mosaic prior to grouting...I did that the day before...I actually let it cure 3 days between mastic and grout..

I like it...then my son & his gf came to help with painting...the kitchen is a soft buttery yellow...there will be another upper cabinet on that spot by that door on the right...And a table for the microwave underneath it.


and here's the stove fan/light back up..

Looking back towards the other way...I closed up the "light box" opening by 6 inches...SO it would line up better with the dishwasher and the fridge that will sit there once its time to bring that in. I actually painted this spot today but didnt get a photo of it..Im considering putting up some open shelves over the dishwasher what do you think? Stainless steel and wood? OR I have another upper cabinet I can put up there It would be painted grey like the bases...

I grouted the dishwasher backsplash that I made up of the 4 inch tiles I had, that match the counter top...I still have to seal it, I can't seem to keep it cleared off long enough its a handy spot to put "tools"

here is the kitchen up to now..still much to do but, its well under way now!

Son said they don't want the stained glass film put on the window that looks out into the sun-porch, I wanted to do the film...but if they don't want it...:o/  Maybe Ill put it on a glass and put in the light box opening?  Trust me its beautiful and she will love it when she sees it! 

This Tuesday we are painting the Living Room...I tested the fridge it works, so soon Ill be painting it. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Wow! I love the back splash and the pale yellow walls. It's really coming together.

    1. Thanks Barbara! I imagine you will be heading out of AZ soon...its heating up fast this year.

  2. Oh I love the back splash. I want that so bad in my kitchen just love it. Everything is looking good.

    1. Thank you Jo, it really was not hard it was messy tho, with my gourmet grout!

  3. That looks like gourmet grout you're whisking up there in your kitchen! Really looking goood, I love the tile , the yellow everything is going to be lovely.

  4. Ha, yes I agree the grout looks like gourmet to me! The yellow is beautiful- that's what I meant to paint my kitchen but it came out a bit brighter. Great progress and impressive work as always!

    1. The grout was the harder part in my opinion...I stressed over it a bit..

  5. It looks so great! We vote for a wood shelf if you go that route. :)

  6. Great transformation. Really like the tiles.

  7. Amazing job! I helped my daughter and SIL with their kitchen. We tiled the floor, the counter top, and the backsplash (different sizes, of course). It was tedious, but lots of fun, and looks great. As always, you amaze me with your ability.


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