Saturday, January 24, 2015


Why is it so hard to get anything done these days??


Okay I've been trying to get someone to repair that section of roof on the project house where a leak was continuing around the chimney...for a year! 
the yukky leak mess
I even went up myself and gave it a try it actually worked for a while then drip drip drip it returned.. so last summer...
I called the fellow who built the room addition  I added when I moved back here from NYC, I figured he knew me, I knew him, paid him 15-$Grand for the work he did for me, he never even returned my call! (was I that hard to work for?) I saw him in Lowes not that long ago he smiled and asked how I was I wanted to say, "why didn't you return my call?"  Since I'm pretty socially inept I could have pulled it off but decided against it.
Several weeks later...
 I knew this guy I went to school with was a handy man/carpenter so I called him he came out gave me an estimate of $400 to redo the flashing around the chimney and replace the damaged shingles about a 3 foot section... he would come do it a week later,
never showed! 
several weeks after that....
I called a guy listed in the phone book he sounded asleep when he answered at 10 am--ALL I could hear was John Wayne in my head saying "daylights a burning,"   He promised to call me back and set up a time to come look, never did....crash n burn that one.
then a dry spell in the weather so it went on the back burner...

few weeks ago; I called this roofing company...they said they would call me next day-- they didn't --3 days later they called...they would send a guy at 6:30 am? Excuse me its dark at 6:30 am--okay he will come at 3:30 in the afternoon.  He showed up at 5:30 right before the sun set! He reeked of cigarette smoke, and my clothes had more paint and dirt on than his.... he had a clipboard and a tape measure with him. He measured, figured, and then came up with the price of 


This is a 10 x 10 foot section of the roof....They might get to it in a month and it will take an entire day with 3 guys working...he said: 2 squares of shingles would cost me $500.00??? Are they made out of Spun GOLD...I'm a regular in Lowes...I see all sorts of building supplies each week when I go to get the materials for my projects I have never in all my born days seen shingles that cost $250.00 a square!! (a square is 100 sq ft) where is this price coming from????
It's the "stick it to the unsuspecting lady price" uh huh....
He gave me the speech about being licensed bonded yada yada yada.. he wants half up front deposit!! I look THEM up on the web that night there was 4 complaints with the BBB (better business bureau) against them..okay not going in that direction!  START 0VER!

I saw a truck at a stop light, Vadal Roofing.  A Mexicanish looking young man ...hmmmm 
I jotted down the number, I called next day..a heavy Spanish accent legal/illegal?..I don't know! I set up an appointment for 10:30 am he shows on time he has no clipboard...he was wearing those mirror glasses---- I see me when I look at him..his Ingles' very broken...I explain I want that section about a 10 x 10 ft area completely re-roofed the chimney flashed all the way around and the neighboring section has to have some new shingles woven in where the chimney sits cause its leaking on all 4 sides!...

I have MY ladder in place its been there for months as I kept worrying about the condition of that area of the roof..he readjusts my ladder shows me how its in the wrong position to be safe...up he goes like a rabbit I swear he had his hands in his pockets, so nimble so quick I knew in a moment it must be St Nick? Up on the Roof there arose such a clatter....that is what came to my 

He pulled out his phone and started to play with it...wth?  Climbs back down and says "I can do the flash, this section, 30 yr shingle, take me 6 hrs for $550." His phone is also a calculator, and camera he took photos of each thing he spoke about...and explained to me what he would do....oh now I see why he had  his phone out...high tech roofer!--

"When can you do it?"
 He says" FRIDAY" (this was on Monday)
I ask, "you want money up front?"
He says "NO" 
I say DO IT..he writes the estimate gives me a copy and his business card! On it is Vidal Roofing And General Contracting, Licensed and Bonded In this area 14 years

Friday 9:30 am he arrived, he has 2 helpers and a trailer full of materials, they get busy he speaks to his crew in Spanish, they are polite, quiet, they work steady non stop, they don't smoke, they clean up completely, in 5 hrs they are done he comes with his phone in hand shows me photos of each stage of the work they did...the job looks good he says I should have no more problems!
I pay the man!! They close and lock the gate on their way out!

Rained all day yesterday NO LEAKS!! :0)   Here is the new roof section----with the snazzy flashing! 

He told me I may get 2 more years out of the rest of the old roof but this section here is 30 yrs good to go!! I'll be 92 and it won't be my problem!  He said he would work with me and divide the roof into sections and I can do it section by section as I can afford it...just call him when I want to go with that's how I like to do business!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I am cheering for you yahoo, yippee Id jump up and down but I might hurt myself. sure glad it is finally done as well as you are.

    1. I lost sleep over this was just annoying the heck outta me!

  2. Glad it all worked out, but how frustrating! I need him up on the island!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice to have a handy man at your service?

  3. Grrrr don't talk to me about unreliable builders. Glad you got there in the end and looks like a great job.

    1. OH I can tell you've experienced some of this yourself Adam from your comment hope you got through it.

  4. Love this story (well the ending I mean)! My dad is a retired electrician and did really well for himself by just showing up and being fair and returning calls and all that. It's so simple, glad you found a reliable fellow!

    1. EXACTLY my point Jen, I had my own business for 26 yrs in the furniture upholstery trade and I can tell you I never advertised in any way it was friend and neighbor referring...and I always did what I said I would do..that goes almost farther than being the BEST, be the most reliable!

  5. A happy ending! Good to know that honest people who take pride in doing a good job still exist, not just in it for the quick buck . They are hard to find.

    1. How true! It's especially hard in a small town where you don't have endless choices too...SO I was lucky to see Vadal's truck a the stop light he actually lives in a town 20 miles away!

  6. Great story. With less people going into the manual labor industries, I guess this is the norm. Glad you found your roofer.

  7. That can really be a rather welcome move. You can even re-evaluate what you can do with the roof from the standpoint of design. You can also re-draw all the necessary strategies based on that. It should be a fun thing to draw ideas from that, and strengthen the rest of your house. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing

  8. I love the title of your blog, but I hate that this chimney leak has turned into such a big headache! I’m a single female and every time I have home-related issues, it seems that finding an honest repair man gets more and more difficult to find. Glad to see it's finally repaired!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof


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