Thursday, September 19, 2013

Simple Things Make Life Grand!!

I'm been having some problems leaving comments on my some of your blogs when I use Google Chrome there is no publish button, and IF I try to create a post using Internet Explorer it wont allow me to type in the post window unless I use HTML mode...HOLY COW, life is def getting more complicated by the I have to keep simple in the front of my mind...

I love these 2 solar buddies they sit on the dashboard of my car, and they dance all day in the sun...they have all the right moves no matter if I'm listening to oldies, country n western, or pop!
Although I know it seems all I do is work work work, and that is true---BUT sometimes I relax! Like this past Sunday morning...I decided to make myself a nice Southwest Grill for breakfast..

For me this is a luxury as I normally eat my breakfast standing at the counter, which makes me crazy but it beats going I have sauteed red potatoes with skins on, red pepper, onion, and some big juicy blackberries on the side, 2 pieces of wheat toast with Choke Cherry Jelly made by the loving hand of my big sister and mailed to me all the way from Colorado!!

I took it onto the front porch it was quiet and cool and sunny too....OH and I added a glass of OJ,,,,and the cool thing is the glass, it belonged to my its special.  Most of her glasses arrived as jelly jars or in boxes of Quaker Oatmeal, and sometimes in the big boxes of Soap Powder she bought.  We have quite a collection of her glasses, that we inherited, simple and elegant.

I love to use this particular one..Then I added some of my favorite reading material...I absolutely love this magazine and I read it cover to cover every month and I save each issue...ONE day I plan to enjoy some of those Scenic Drives and Hikes that are featured in each issue!

This issue is all about where to find Super Leaf color in Autumn.  I think AZ is an awesome place.  I have always enjoyed going there...OH and that knife has been in my Mom's cutlery drawer for mannnny years.  Its imitation bone handle probably from the late 60's still strong and sturdy!!

Although I was alone there on the porch, others past n present helped to make my simple Sunday breakfast a special treat!!
AND its NOT as big a harvest as Steve and Jennifer's but here's my harvest for this week...I think I see a face in there??

... whats for breakfast at your place?


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Your breakfast is truly a work of art and sweet with all the memories. I'm glad to see you do relax once in awhile. I would be embarrassed to show what I have for breakfast (although I do eat it sitting down.)

  2. Breakfast with memories .... looks grand! I am assuming that all of your Colorado family is in an area that was away from the nasty floods? OUr son and DIL were evacuated but came back to a house with no damage. Thankfully. They did not enjoy staying in a motel with their two big dogs.

    1. No Floods in Silt where my family are but it has scared them to see what can happen. I feel so bad for everyone who has lost their homes and the animals out standing in water that breaks my heart to see. Gald your family is safe n sound!!

  3. Hi Sondra...Well after all that work a good looking meal like that is well deserved!! Yummy looking!!
    I used to make Chokecherry jelly, and now my daughter does and so did my Mom and Grandmother, Its was a family tradition lol
    Your tomato face is cute!!


  4. Love the solar buddies! Where did you get them? Also love Arizona Highways like you do. I buy used ones at thrift stores.

    1. Hi Diana, I got my solar buddies at Roses, a
      general type store similar to Big Lots here in town, it cost me $2.99 each. Good Idea to buy used AZ Hwys I imagine its hard to get a monthly mag when you're never in one spot long enough to get mail.

  5. That looks a perfect Sunday breakfast.
    Good food, and great memories thrown in.

    1. So true Keith...I was alone but not in spirit I had all my loved ones around me.

  6. Looks mighty yummy and the setting can't be beat -- along with fond memories of loved ones as you use the knife and glass. A nice Sunday's rest.

  7. Oh yummy! My parents have a good-sized collection of jelly jar glasses... It makes so much sense to get drinking glasses that way, wish it was still a popular thing.


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