Saturday, July 6, 2013

6th time around...the sun

Hope everyone had good 4th of July, my dogs Annie and Flossie had a birthday they are now 6 yrs old! I cant believe that...seems like only yesterday they were a pack of lost and unwanted 7 puppies... I found homes for all of them! We kept these two girls...almost kept 3 but at the last minute my X found a good home for Daisy Mae she was the runt of this litter.  The pups were starving and sick when we found them..
Daisy, Flossie and Annie all had Parvo a horrid intestinal disease, but I nursed them back to health they each got 30cc's of Ringers IV drip twice a day!!
We did it right on the kitchen counter I hung the IV bag on the cabinet knob and gave each a nice subcutaneaous dose of IV Fluids and IV antibiotics.. I kept them  cozy on warm heating pads, and eventually they all came around...I was prepared to keep all the sisters together but a great home on a farm opened up when a family's old dog was put to sleep due to his age and bad health so they needed a good dog to run on the farm, Daisy was the girl for the job..since she got well first! I WOULD love to see her again!! She had the shorter hair like Annie, Flossie was the only long haired one in the pack.

Daisy Mae

 I hope she is happy and healthy like her sisters! 

Back to present day... 
Last weekend I finished up that East Wall on the project house..and did the demo on the South Wall..
! It was a LOT of work!!


Here is the Demo part....

                         And then i reframed and sheathed for the new windows...the openings are under the black felt paper, but I didnt cut it cause I had to wait till July 4th on a day off to install the windows!!



So on the 4th I installed the new windows and today I put up the siding
...although all those big windows were cool and gave lots of light all were rotten and I couldnt afford to replace each with a new window, so SOME are better than NONE.. I like the windows that slide side to side so thats what these are. The new siding matches perfectly!! YOU cant tell where the old is ---Check it out the color is perfect I had to order it so I went to  my Local Builders Supply and they hooked me up. I think I can afford a couple of small shutters...BUT what color???? And I have to cut a Gable Vent in the peak...that thing cost $40! I have 3 things sold on ebay to pay for it soon as they pay Ill go get the vent!
NOT all work today tho...

I had fun playing with this guy that lives in the BIG Hosta! One of the flowers opened up today so I wanted to photograph it, and THEN I saw something move--- a flirty flash of orange..

WHAT the........?



He has the perfect spot to hold up during all the rain we've had.. a total of 10.8 inches  in June and July has been WETTER so far!

 Makes me feel really bad for the ones out West who need some rain...wish I could send some your way...till next time...


  1. You are a VERY hard worker and you sure are handy with the tools. Iour abode is taking shape / looking good!

    Weather wise is sure has been feast or famine when one looks around the country, around the world.

  2. Happy Birthday to the girls. They sure were lucky to have you to nurse them when they were pups. And they're still lucky to have you.

  3. WOW! I love all the windows. NICE JOB! The little dude hanging out on the hosta is so super cute. :) We've had incredible amounts of rain here too with more falling today and forecasted for the week. We are super saturated and some of our plants are yellowing, but we will just see who makes it! Hope you enjoyed a great 4th!

  4. Awww I love hearing about your dogs! Happy birthday to them, had no idea they were littermates! Lucky pups that you took care of them so well...

    Nice job on the house too! Lookin good, impressed as always. I started ripping up some of my house's carpet this weekend to check out the hardwoods lurking below... I even watched a youtube video- I think you've inspired me a bit!

    1. YEAH JEN... I hope your DIY floor project goes great!! I feel that we are all capable of doing anything once we take the first step.

  5. Lots of lovely stuff in this post; I adore the little froggie in the hosta. He is perfect.
    I didn't know the backstory on your beautiful girls (Or if I did I'd forgotten it) so thank you for sharing that lovely story; were they ever lucky they found you and happy belated birthday to both of them.

    Your home is looking fabulous. You do good work.

  6. Happy Birthday to the pups!! Glad you have such terrific company. You are making awesome progress on your house. Every time I drop by, I am so amazed at what you can do.

  7. Amazing post with cool pictures, written well. but, dog eyes looking awesome.

  8. Your dogs were lucky to be found by you, Sondra, you did a great job. Belated happy birthday to them!

    The house will be changed so much, so many stages of the project! I wouldn't have imagined. It looks wonderful.

    We've had quite a dry July here, the garden - as well as we - would need a good rainfall. I try to look at it from the positive side, there had been so few sunny days so it's time to enjoy them.


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