Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days Till Christmas!

OKAY the world didn't end today...
Oh yeah that's next week DUH.. so if it does, all this hard work we had done in our house was for naught..

I got nothing of interest to blog about but figured I would  update anyways...I know you're probably saying "oh' you shouldn't have" HAHA

..We did survive the Renovation from HELL, its only a bad memory   We're are happy we got this job done it was an absolute necessity...I didn't take any before photos...Im sure I have plenty but who cares about the PAST....I took a couple of "you get the idea afters" ...just haven't been in the mood...but here is the-

... kitchen, the entire floor sub floor, joists, and one large main support beam had to be replaced...due to OLD termite damage! They literally torn out the entire FLOOR we could see the ground!!!  We designed it to look retro "70's!! LOL
NO we did NOT...its the REAL thing no retro here...this is our 1970's kitchen it's almost coming back in style, maybe in another 10 yrs?  We had hoped for a brighter color on the floor but this is growing on us..

The Living Room had carpet over old worn out hardwood it was unsavable! So we went with laminate wood flooring in there, a red oak color...we love it..we still have to get some area rugs for the dogs, for now we are using the old ones we've had.  I think I see Mom's feet in this shot..HA!



 Lucky for us, it didnt take a month, the time it did take was long enough!!!  Meanwhile now its a week till Christmas...IM so busy at work I can barely take a lunch break....I plan to ask for Wed, Thru, and Fri after Christmas OFF cause I really need a break. HOPE she will give it to me...if she does I want to go somewhere!!

I 'fixed' up these little bags of goodies for my coworkers..all 4 of them!


Hope you're all set for Holiday Cheer, and if not you got 12 days to get your act together!!


  1. Hi Sondra...You are to funny ...ya the Mayans haven't quite got there act together LOL!!
    Well glad you got that job done..good grief you could have stepped right straight through it ; )
    Don't worry about the 70's look, at least you haven't got any appliances in avocado or harvest gold colors ; )
    Hope you get your time off, and do a little shuffle in your bare feet on those new floors!

  2. I love that laminate flooring - it looks great. I'd like to go with that but probably will never do it. Glad your ordeal is over and you can get on with the ho-ho-hoing.

  3. My act is never together Sondra lol
    Glad it's all sorted now; looks very nice.
    Hope you get your time off you want.

  4. Ooh so glad you're done with that nonsense! Everything looks great! I know I have hardwoods lurking under my nasty old carpet but the thought of having to move my couch (after just moving it all the way here) is enough to make me leave the carpet... for now at least. Super cute gift bags- I usually just give my coworkers some scratch tickets, ha!

  5. It looks lovely Sondra, definitely worth all the hassle! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. So nice all the renos are behind you in time for the Christmas season! Old things are made new again and they are lookin' good. I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Still have a few things to buy ... if only they would go on sale. I've been waiting!!!

  7. Firstly I apologize for not commenting for a while but I still pop by for a nosey when I can. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs Drew xx

  8. Glad for the update, glad you survived, and it looks good. Hope you get your days off, you deserve them.

  9. Just when you thought you'd never make it... ta da! Done, looking good and in time for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you, and the furry family.

  10. Congrats on finishing the renovation, your photos look great!! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to get those days off.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas, Sondra.


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