Monday, October 29, 2012

Another door opens...

ITs cool and quite breezy here today as Sandy went flying up the east coast...BOY Im glad I dont live on the coast of Brookly NY any longer, the last hurricane (Ernesto) that came up there when I was living there sent waves crashing over the seawall and salt water flooded the lawn. TONS of beach washed away.... I really hope everyone on Atlantic Ave in Seagate on the island of Brooklyn, NY make it through this hard time...IM thinking of y'all and wishing all of you could move OUT OF NYC! Boy that stayed on the top of my wish list for sometime during the 6 yrs I lived there....didnt take me long to realize IM not a Big City Girl. Of course I get to say I made it there so that means I can make it anywhere, Right? Got Tricks?

OR Treats?
SO the good news is...
as of 10:30 EST today Im again a single woman! FINALLY....Yep married since 1975 separated since 2001 and now divorced today.
There is something to say for a relationship that can endure..but there is also no reason to hang  around if it dont...

AND the offer was accepted so I do keep the property!!! WHICH thrills me cause I really want this land to pass onto my son...and so forth and so on....keep it in the family and not have it sold to a complete stranger. 

All that great news said and the bad news
I HAVE to come up with the money in 30 days or be in contempt of court OUCH!
SO, Hi Ho Hi Ho Back in Debt I GO!!

Without the help of my family I would NOT have been able to make this BLESS YOU- MY SISTERS!!!



  1. OK Sondra! You did it! congrats -- and thanks to your sisters .....Happy for you. It's high time or that to be over.

  2. I'm so pleased for you Sondra.
    A shame about the debt though. Maybe try the lottery? :-)

  3. So glad you're out of that storm.... and also finally the marriage Sondra :-) Great news you can stay put but a real shame about the debt...good on your sisters for helping though!!!

    That photo with the butterflies is STUNNING! I love it!

  4. Sondra, I feel sorry for your broken marriage and pleased for your newly found freedom and kept property. You're right, it's great when it works but too bad when it doesn't.

    PS I've never seen so many pumpkins in one place and the photo with the butterflies looks wonderful. Keep smiling! :)

  5. So glad that you are finally coming to closure on a painful situation. But, sad that you have to go into debt. Thank the Lord for good friends and family!

  6. Whoopee! Yahoo!
    Congratulations all around!
    Keeping your land might be a struggle, but a goal you'll be proud of achieving.

  7. Great news and pictures. Sisters are pretty terrific.

  8. Good luck over the next few months, hope all goes well. So glad we dont get the tropical type storms over here in the UK..... Wet and Windy, but very managable thank you very much

    Oh by the way what a lovely post, good on yer

  9. Yay for you!!! Good luck as you move forward. :)


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