Saturday, July 28, 2012

Onto August!

Im still reeling from seeing the painted bunting, it was a highlight for sure..The dogs are back to good....whatever made them sick is gone now...they were both up to snuff one day after returning home..Now they are spending their time snoozing in the living room all day staying out of the heat, while Im at work.  July will be August come Wednesday so SOON maybe the tempts will go back down to those "sweet", go outside and enjoy tempts. 

A large flock of house finches arrived in my yard the week I returned and so its standing room only at the feeders

These shots are through the window so a bit fuzzy...Unfortunately some of the finches that arrived have that dreaded conjunctivites! IF I can catch her I can cure her but she has ONE good eye so far I have struck out!  But Ill keep trying!

This young one looks good...

And the large swallowtails seem to be all around the yard lately..caught this one on the phlox flowers..

AND the newest member of our family is Orieo!


He used to be a stick  pony...but I found him and decided to repurpose him to a cuddle pony for the sofa!!  He is a sweetheart for sure, I removed the broken stick, sewed up the hole and put him in the washer, he came out so pretty and clean!

I am currently looking for a new job...maybe back to a simple retail job..wish me luck.


  1. Hi Sondra..You are to funny with your Orieo lol!!
    It does seem to be finch time here to, they are at the feeder in droves!!
    Poor fella with the sore eye,hope you can catch it, but if they are like they are here they are gone in a hurry!!
    Love the young one with the punk hair-do!! : }
    That is a gorgeous photo of the Swallowtail!! I would have some Phlox in bloom if the deer hadn't developed a fond taste for the plant BUGGERS!!
    Good luck with the job hunt, hope that works out for you!!

  2. Glad to hear the pups are fine now. Whew!! That was scary! Isn't it fun to watch the backyard birds?? Esp. now, with the babies all around? Great capture of the butterfly! Good luck trying to catch that mama bird.

  3. Good to hear the girls are OK now. Always tough when our buddies are feeling poorly.
    Sad to see that poor finch with poorly eye.
    Love your new family member; and good luck with the job search.

  4. Haha, Orieo is awesome.. Like that idea but there's no way the dogs would let it survive. Bummer about the finch- hope you can catch her. Bigger bummer about the job! Are you still at your old one or did you tell them to shove it? Good luck whatever you do!!

    1. YEAH I Guess unless they fire me on Monday! IVe applied to a couple spots HOPE I get a call.

  5. Luckily I haven't seen any finches with conjunctivitis this year.Knock on wood. Best of luck catching her. Do you have a post with instructions on how to treat this disease? If not...I would really like to know what to do.

    Wishing you the best in your job search!

    1. HI Jean, HERE is how I do it:

      the hardest part is catching the bird of course...I can usually sneak up on them at the feeder, if IM very quiet...THEY Cant see and the best time to get them is when they are alone at the feeder they depend on the other birds to let them know when danger is around and they flutter off. One way to recognize a problem is they fly irradically without a good straight line, they sort of wander around hoping to land on something solid.
      SO catch them gently of course....and have a cage of some sort preferrably small because you will have to be able to recatch them daily to apply the medication to the eyes. A small bird cage, or a box with a wire top I place a towel over the box when its time for the treatment, then reach inside and gently get the bird...the towel helps keep them quiet and they cant sneak past you..THE eyes will repsonde immediately so on day two its harder to catch them in the box....SO hold without squeezing wrapping your hand around the entire bird with his head sticking out of your hand...DONT try to hold them by the legs or any of that...the med. I get at the Ranch Supply or Farm/Feed store..and its called Terramycin. Its a salve; I put it on with a q-tip both eyes. USE a clean q-tip for each eye and always use a clean one each time. I also mix powered Arthrymicin (antibiotic powder) hope I spelled that right... into the water bowl. This is used for poultry and it can also be found at the farm supply. THIS Helps speed up the process of ridding them of the infection.
      Give a dish of sunflower or other bird seed for these birds to eat IT may take them one day to start eating, dont worry they will eat...and clean the box while you have the bird in your hand so the box is cleaned daily. IT takes about a week sometimes longer for the eyes to become completely healed...THEN simply release when its healed!!
      BIRDS are protected by Federal Law, it is illegal to keep a song bird, I have worked with bird rehabbers before and if you know a bird rehab center, you can take the bird to a rehab facility.

  6. Maybe you can get a job fixing stuffed animals. Orieo looks pretty spiffy.

  7. Hey -- glad the dogs are OK now. I'd still be reeling from seeing a painted bunting too....

    Good luck on the job search.

  8. Glad to hear that your dogs are well. I love the new addition to your family, lol. Good luck with finding the new job.

  9. So glad the girls are well again Sondra :-) Poor finch but I think it is wonderful that you have been able to help them in the past.

    That Swallowtail is just sooo beautiful and to think you see them regularly in your garden!! I would think I was in paradise :-)

    Love your sofa pony!


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