Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thrusday Outing--

Since returning from my sister's & the dog sitting Ive been getting itchy to travel! I GOTTA Go somewhere soon or I'll break out in hives or something--once you get that itch you have to scratch it, or I sure do- otherwise I make me and everyone around me crazy..BUT right now ITS COLD everywhere! I'd have to drive hours to find warmth...If I go hiking Ill freeze and Ill have to wear bulky layers and keep putting them on and taking them off and its muddy from the melted snow--so I gotta cool my wheels around here for now-
So I drove up to Wateree Lake its a fairly local lake, it was COLD tho in the upper 30's with some wind chill...brrrrr--and there was not much going on-- these ringbilled gulls were trying to get a lake cruise together but couldnt find a willing captian so they waited at the dock..

Somebody is gonna have a surprise waiting for them when they come by to check on their boat at the marina--yuk! Lesson Learned--take the TOP OFF when not using the boat...
Then I checked out this house that's for sale-- sits right on the water its a idea how much$$ it's going for--this is the front of the house, this facade faces the water...I peeked in the windows the main room has great looking hardwood floors!

and this is the private fishing pier and the view of the lake, only thing is-- this house is right next to the marina--so in summer that would mean lots of boating noise--

It was quite tranquil when I was there but its the dead of winter...not one boat came by--Saw plenty of these guys they wanted a handout; I had nothing with me "note to self" throw some bread in the car next time OR Popcorn,. these gulls will catch it in the air if you toss it to them..this is a ring billed gull giving me the evil eye-and flying right at me--

Some other freeloaders came by looking for a handout

Then this old fellow came bouncing from the neighbors yard, he was friendly but I used the "Ssssttt" sound that I learned from watching the dog whisperer, to stop him dead in his tracks a few feet away from me-- JIC he had "taking a chunk outta me" in mind...all I could see at first were those huge chompers----but he was quite sweet and he has an old injury to his hip..He didnt give me time to get a better shot of those beautiful pale blue eyes...cause even tho his master next door, allowed him to run over to surprise me...she called him back after she saw I had taken control of the situation...geeze some people! (thank you Cesar Milan)

I also saw a bald eagle up SO High that I nearly passed out from holding my head at a 90 degree angle and this horrid photo..but when you go for it sometimes you come up with fuzz..oh well back to the drawing board!! Ill post it small so its not quite so fuzzy--at least I can tell it was def. an Eagle!

over by the marina I saw this cute little shell, what a view this shell was enjoying too!  I call this photo--
- Small Shell Big World-

One last look at the lake before I head back to home...I hear the Eagles do nest on some of these small islands...wish I had a boat--

On the way back I saw a couple of deer milling around by the road ....then Zip they made a run for it-


that was how I spent my Thrusday, and Friday I went in the Other Direction so ill save that one for another time!


  1. I had to laugh at the presents the gulls have left for the boat owner lol
    That house! Wow, I've fallen in love with it too. It's just beautiful. If I ever win the lottery.......
    The shell picture is great too. Love the composition on this.

    Great post.

  2. Glad you had a good time out! I know that cooped up feeling, yucky!
    Love the shell photo, beautiful view indeed.
    You cracked me up with the eagle angle ;-)
    People here always look at me like I'm nuts when I stare into the sky or into trees, especially when I point the big camera at a tree.... ;-0
    That house is gorgeous! The too close to too many people part would throw me off though.

  3. Poor gulls, waiting for their cruise! Sounds like you had a good day despite the cold!

  4. Great pictures! You've got that great wandering eye that focuses on everything and anything. Fun read!

  5. I haven't had the traveling bug for a few years now. Driving down to the coast on Saturday I got to thinking some adventure may be nice but .... ! Coming to the coast is NOT an adventure ... it is obligation. Sigh.

    I like the shell pic. Glad you were able to satisfy the wanderlust with a day trip.

  6. Great stuff. Glad you could get out and about. :)

  7. As usual, your photos, especially the shell, are super. Nice work with the dog. I use that technique when I walk and it's very effective. Safe for human and dog too.
    Agree with Nicole - great house, poor location.


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