Sunday, April 7, 2019

April is Fooling me!

Well here it is the first week of April over! I Predict this year will go faster than last..what you say?  So in the way of new birds got the most distant look at a spattering of (78) northern rough winged swallows.. hoping for better looks soon, and as predicted the (79) Northern Parula showed up in my radius..

Up pretty high in the tops of the newly leafing out this case a sycamore tree.  Got a better look of a black n white warbler doing his thing...

The focus on my camera is getting worse by the day it will drive me batty!

I had an (80) Osprey at Goodale! So only 3 this week.  Got a really distant look he flew right over me, I just stood there with my mouth open and didn't bother with a photo because I thought it was another turkey vulture as the shadow came over me like they do...then he landed far to the back of the pond! I don't even know if you can see him here that black dot.  It didn't fly like an Eagle or Hawk, and the flat looking angle of the head and long wing span drew me to Osprey. I should go back today but it's Raining today!

Had another nice Palm warbler just a 1/2 mile down the road..

and a really good look at a blue headed vireo who finally poked his head out of the brambles for a quick look over the shoulder..not FOY but he is just so pretty.  Also not new but pretty the redheaded woodpecker.

hello gorgeous

The spring bud is on and the trees take on that soft awesome hue that doesn't last too long in these parts...

with a splash of lime?
and a splash of  curry?

Below: is something you rarely see anymore around here its a tobacco barn, the reason I know it's for tobacco is the height! They used to hang the tobacco in these tall barns to dry out before taking to market,

 they would hang it up high I tried to find an image to share here but they are all copyrighted so here is a link so you can go see for they used to cure it up in the tall barns, 

I have not seen a field of tobacco in this area for years! I did see some when I traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia a couple years ago...just a small field.  When my cousin in TN decided to get married he built a house and he paid it off by growing one field of tobacco a year he had his house paid off in less than 10 yrs on one crop per year.  I remember very well seeing the leaves hanging up in the rafters of these tall barns.  The main crops here now are: cotton, corn, soy beans, sorghum, and sunflowers.  Mainly all for textile and oils, HEMP would grow awesome here it's only a matter of time...and it should be legal to grow!  

Our challenge this month is "birds heard in the yard, including fly overs" 
So here is my list of heard birds (most seen also) so far this week:

  1. northern cardinal 
  2. eastern bluebird 
  3. brown headed nuthatch 
  4. blue grey gnatcatcher 
  5. black n white warbler 
  6. yellow rumped warbler 
  7. yellow throated warbler 
  8. tufted titmouse 
  9. Carolina chickadee 
  10. Carolina wren 
  11. A. crow 
  12. fish crow
  13. chipping sparrow 
  14. pine warbler 
  15. killdeer 
  16. Canada goose 
  17. hermit thrush 
  18. pileated woodpecker 
  19. downy woodpecker 
  20. red-bellied woodpecker 
  21. n. mockingbird 
  22. a. goldfinch 
  23. purple finch 
  24. house finch 
  25. Blue Jay
  26. Eastern Phoebe
  27. Eastern Towhee
  28. Red shouldered hawk
  29. brown headed cowbird

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. You captured some really pretty birds so far. Love the red headed woodpecker. The color of the trees in bloom and all the colors everywhere. You think I can buy that cabin. Interest about the tobacco barn and your cousin.

    1. Don't you love that old building it's really nice i'd love to poke around in there but... someone is always

  2. Some striking birds Sondra. You must have taken 1000;s of pictures with your camera and so I suppose its bound to deteriorate. Not good though when you have to replace it. I had a look at your ospreys migration route just to see where they went. Ours go down to Africa and are on their way back now.
    I like the spring bud colouring on the trees too, it's very subtle.
    Interesting facts about the tobacco growing and you can see why farmers grew it.

    1. Our Osprey pretty much stay year round they do move more to the coast tho...The trees are leafing out so fast, and the shocking green color is just eye popping! The warblers are gleaning those limbs for insects.

  3. The Woodpecker is a beauty! Interesting to read about the Tobacco, fancy being able to pay off your house so quickly! It's a good idea for the challenge, I must admit I struggle with some bird calls/song still so it'd be a learning curve to have to do that.

    1. Hi Pam, it is strange how things change, I don't know if the tobacco people are now importing cheaper tobacco, I image that is what the decline in growing it here is about. I have to relearn the songs and calls every year anymore as I forget from season to the season,,,the ones in my yard I know very well..but the migrants I get mixed up sometimes.

    2. Of course it's always about the money and finding cheaper (lower quality?) things! Yes I have to do that especially with the Warblers!

  4. Hello, loved the photos and your bird list so far. The Red-headed Woodpecker is one of my favorites. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

    1. HI Eileen, I agree the red headed is one of the most striking woodpeckers! I also like what I consider the western counter part the Lewis.

  5. Well it is fooling you with some beautiful scenery and great birds! You’ve seen some beauties and heard many! The story about your cousins tobacco patch was interesting! Yes, why not hemp? It’s been instructive following that issue in Oregon since legalization. .... lots of hiccups still going on, in growing, manufacturing and retailing.

    1. ..and Im sure all those details are due to the state wants to be sure they are getting Every penny they can during the entire
      I think we have enough land here to grow a decent patch! But the red tape would almost be more than I could deal with my bs tolerance is zero these days.

  6. In Oregon, you can grow some certain amount for personal use ...I’m too lazy to look up how much, but I know for a fact that it is legal (I know people....).........


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