Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good Grief!

....sort of an addition to my last blog is this weeks blog.  Before 9 am I'm not only up and filled my bird feeders, I've also cooked enough food to last 3 days!  Just simple stuff a pot of red beans rice is on the other burner, and in the oven some corn, potatoes, then in the microwave a bag of steaming broccoli, and then some tea bags on the boil....

not a good shot of the downy? woodpecker at the suet, due to being taken through the glass...

The reason for all this flurry of activity so early?

...it's snowing again!! AND they say its an 80% chance of ICE later so we could lose our power...at least we will have food cooked to eat and if we dont lose power we have our meals ready to warm up and eat.  We caught up some drinking water and got our lanterns at the ready, and thats about all one can do in prep for the loss of electric.  Now we wait and see..

The birds  are not happy campers it will soon be time for our spring birds to start nest building!

This snow is a very wet and heavy snow...its almost like slush, the temp is 34 degrees...so once it dips tonight it will be ice for sure.

...oh well nothing we can do about that.  

in unrelated news, I found this awesome hard shell camera bag at Goodwill, my Kodak fits in perfectly!  I paid $2.85 I bought it for resale but when I saw how well it fit my camera Im keeping it!

Here's a short video of the snow..its pretty coming down.


                                            Today is my son's 33rd! happy birthday JT.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Sondra, I was wondering how you were faring with this winter mix. I have gotten some ice but still have power. It cleared for a couple of hours now it is sleeting again. I thinks folks east of Atlanta are getting more than us in NW GA. I am also prepared.
    Loved your snow pics and the video! Stay safe and warm.

    1. We dodged the bullet again, the lights blinked a couple of times just to scare us, but Finally the snow stopped yesterday and has started to melt some today...tomorrow we plan a trip for much needed supplies!

  2. How come you have a son as old as you are? (Ha ha, that has been happening to me for years.) My mother was always good about cooking once a week -- she called them planned-overs, not leftovers. She just did it to make life easier -- it makes a LOT of sense in your case, so you're OK no matter what the weather does to you.

    Hope you are weathering the storm(s) OK. Is your mom still staying with you? I guess being from Colorado she is used to snow.

    The red cardinal in the snow is just beautiful.

    Stay warm and cozy inside and take care of yourselves.

    1. Yeah....I was only a baby when I had him...lol actually I was quite old at 28! He is still a big baby too!! His GF told me he hides his face under a blankey when they watch horror movies..lol Mom is here she hates snow..lol...but that full moon shining on that frozen white snow was so pretty last night the trees had moon shadows, I cant wait to see it again tonight!

  3. I just love your pictures. The Cardinal is gorgeous. We don't get that hear we do have Cardinals but no snow. The video was really great too.

    I cook lots of food too and then put it in 1 meal serving containers. Make life much easier.

    Be careful out there.


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