Wednesday, July 11, 2012

THE Week before the WEEK

Do you ever get that feeling that every where you look there is a:

Snake in the bush? 

On the personal front I have this feeling that Im about to be swallowed whole.   The job is not going too good my boss has turned into...well this photo says it all
...and today I had a lawyer meeting again  I found out there will be 2 more hearings before IM officially divorced that really made my DAY---NOT!! The only way that news could be worse is if I had received it this Friday the 13th...There is nothing "to hear" or to say,  as far as Im concerned.

There is only one way to deal with such threats....and that is to put as much distance between them and YOU as possible! SO Im leaving on Monday.

 I feel the squeeze about the way this snake felt when I carried him away. gets fuzzy like this unsteady shot of the yellow billed cuckoo who had to stoop to drinking water out of my little water garden when it was so hot... this is thru the double paned window.. normally they stay hidden in the deeper woods. IM glad he didnt go diving for my wee fish that live in the other section of this water garden.

 Im trying to keep my mind on the upcoming trip....planning, plotting, mapping, day dreaming, and Ive got all the necessary stuff I will need at the beach campground stashed in the van already..A FAN....Beach Umbrella, Bathing suit...a COOLER, maybe I should toss the GRABBER in too JIC another snake shows up?

NOW you tell me how am I going to swim in the ocean with 2 dogs on leashes that cant be any longer than 6 ft?  IF I tie them to my beach chair, well that could end up  I guess I will be surf walking--

 I cant wait to see how the girls like their first look at the ocean, we normally head to the mountains for hiking,  but this time its the Atlantic..and flip flops.

Don'tcha' wish life was simple as black n white?

 OH last Sunday there was a 250 lb black bear spotted 3 blocks from where I work!! RIGHT In the middle of town!! They darted him and
"relocated him in the country"...hmmmm I wonder how FAR into the country they took  him?
ILL be in touch!!!



  1. It sounds like you're going through a rough time Sondra. I hope you can manage to put it behind you when you take your break, and have a great time.

  2. Hi Sondra...EEEEK'S what a week from least that snake was enough for me, how do you ever live with those things???
    That bear would scare me less!!
    Here's hoping all goes well with the divorce crap..I am so glad mine was pretty cut and dry!!
    Enjoy your time away..hope it gives you some piece and quite for awhile!

  3. Oh Sondra -- sounds like life is giving you some lemons right now -- I sure hope the trip to the Coast will be a good one (the Ocean always makes me feel better).....Take care.

    (Very interesting about the bear --wonder what that was all about?)

  4. Do you think one of those snakes might find its way into your bosses office? Sorry to hear things are going badly. Try to forget all about it for the weekend and have fun with the girls.


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