Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Local Patch checks..

On Sunday  the 21st, another gorgeous day happened a little breezy and cold so I figured my old stand by Sandhills would be good I can warm up when needed in the van.  I decided to spent my time at Martin's lake area...So first I stopped at the far end and walked down to the dam.   Along the way I pass the Holdover Pond, which lately for some reason has not been a pond.  But more like a mud puddle area.  And I found it with this weird stuff on it, no clue what this is. Here a Song Sparrow is perched above it. 

It was very curious....the birds didn't seem to mind whatever it is I hope it's not toxic....it can't be a spider unless its one of that escaped from Jurassic Park. 

Eastern bluebird was successfully finding food on the edges...

They have recently cut the fields back and they may be planning a burn...

Im heading to the lake in the distance but of course I find birds along the way....this little White Breasted Nuthatch was reminding me of what a chattery call they have.

He runs up and down the trunk of the tree gleaning insects from under the edges of the bark...

His back is so blue, a really gorgeous bird. 

I hear the trilling call of the Pine Warbler, they are everywhere right now...just look up and you will probably see one...

Never tire of them 

As I get closer to the lake, and scare off a few Killdeer...

The mowers left some stems  in place and the Eastern Phoebe perches to have a look for insects..

These Northern Mockingbirds, seem to be a couple...defending this one willow tree...

And not far from them in the heavier cover was several Swamp Sparrow, one of my favorite sparrows, they are so colorful out in the sun. 

Then I spied a nest from last year....no clue what bird made it. 

And finally I arrive lake side...Im the only human there, so Im free to ramble, take my time and act as weird as I wish. I can talk to myself, stop and turn in circles, look up at trees, and make weird noises with no one to judge. 

BY the dam there was a lot of action I think the sun reflected warmth back up off the cement spillway.  

The Northern Cardinal looking more Orange than red today...

this little cove area by the dam is protected from the breeze the water was pretty awesome. 

There was a few Canadians out swimming around..

More willows near the lake edge had Field Sparrow another one of my favorite Sparrows, in fact I love sparrows.  

More Song and Swamp Sparrow

Then before you know it a couple hours had passed....so headed back to the van to warm up and had a snack then headed to the Photo blind,  while peering out one of the openings, I heard a little cooing sound...def an Eastern Screech Owl was nearby so I followed the sound to this Wood Duck box.  There was some vegetation in the way but I saw the owl he was sunning in the entrance to the box...

Could just make him out in there with one sleepy eye closed ...what a great surprise,
the red morph. 

My last good thing of the day leaving the park I spotted  not one but 3 Red Cockaded Woodpeckers  up pretty high but I got a shot of one of them...

Had a great time...then on Monday I checked out Goodale Lake before I ran errands in town.  

Hiked the Lake Trail 
It was good to see some Mallard there and who knows, maybe a nesting can happen? 

Along the trail still many Ruby Crowned Kinglets making a fuss as I pass by them..

And the perfect ending to a nice walk around the lake before other people began to stir was seeing this immature Bald Eagle, soar overheard,  

It was a good start to the last week of February. Since the birding is picking up I am making a mid week post so I don't get too far behind with my chronicles.  Have a great week. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. A good day Sondra, beautiful blue skies and a nice selection of birds. That Northern Cardinal is striking. I often talk to myself especially on the bike and then someone passes and I wonder if they have been behind me and hearing my ramblings.
    As our infection rates are falling I hope thats a reason to ease the restrictions and maybe we can travel further afield. I'm due for my second jab next week which is 5 weeks earlier than the original date. So fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Dave, good you are getting your shot, they keep saying make an appointment but currently there is a huge wait so I plan to wait I may want to take off and then have a date on the calendar that doesnt happen.

  2. Hello Sondra,
    Happy March to you! What a great outing, I love all your bird photos. I missed my Pine Warbler this winter, usually I have one visiting my feeders. It is great you had the place to yourself, able to roam and bird peacefully. I love hearing the Screech Owl, they make cool sounds. Congrats on finding the 3 Red Cockaded Woodpeckers. Happy birding, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  3. Thank you Eileen...I was pretty surprised to see the Screech Owl, I knew I was hearing one but didnt really think I could find it....Have a great week

  4. What a great day, so many lovely birds and in the sun too, fab to spot the Owl, I'd have been so excited!

    1. Hi Pam I was extremely excited to find that Screech Owl in the box, I really at first thought the reddish brown was old leaves in the box, but then I realized NO trees had leaves that color at this time of year, And when I zoomed in I saw that facial pattern...Have a great weekend.

  5. What a great couple of bird walks. , yes with that many birds to share it is a good thing you posted when you did! I swear I would be lucky to see that many different birds in a year! Let alone be able to photograph them so beautifully and identify them so well, especially the sparrows. Glad you are already getting some good early spring weather!

    1. Hi Sallie, I was getting behind so I needed to stick in an extra post. I find the Sparrows to be great fun...along with some anxiety..lol. The weather is behaving currently.

  6. Hello and Happy March Wishes.

    What a lovely post, full of great photographs.
    I think the Eastern bluebird is such a wonderful colour.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thank you for your wishes...I do apprectiate it. The Bluebirds are coming into their breeding plumage quite brilliant,

  7. Oh I'll have to pay more attention now for new posts.
    So nice to be able to get out and see more birds and ponds with such pretty colors everywhere!

    1. Hi Jo, I did stick in a mid week post so I don't lax and lose my train of thought....in case It doesn't rain Im gonna keep day tripping.


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