Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spiffy n Thrifty

I'm a thrifty person as you have guessed by now I have no foolish pride to get between me and a bargain! I always look for second hand first! EVEN if I had money I'd do it that way. To me it takes ingenuity to live on less and still have all you need....I take it as a challenge and I'm up for it!

I hopped into the Goodwill something I haven't done in a while...AND I found a Hipster sleeping bag!! I didn't want to say XXL so Im calling it a there's room for my hips! 

slp 003I find in my van its much easier to just use a sleeping bag than real linens...on the little wider than a twin sized bed...So this one will give me room to turn over inside the bag My old bag I've had since I was 23 yrs old and its now a snug fit!! I can zip it but when I want to turn over I get a little bit tangled up...AND when its cold you need it to be zipped. MY old bag is a better quality tho it has flaps over the zip to stop cold air getting by the zipper teeth, this one does not have that but it has a little headrest! $6.00 I took it to a laundry and put it in a big machine and gave it a good wash. It's in perfect condition looks like its hardly been used I checked and similar ones sell for $28-35 range new. 

Found another item I wanted.  I have a day pack but its larger than needed for a day I found this High Sierra Loop day pack with nice straps, 2 bottle holders, and lots of tie straps for $2.87 Tossed it in the big washer too it came out looking good!!
This pack sells for $39.99 when purchased new. I got a great bargain and I like the color its def a color that says DON'T shoot I'm not a deer!

One more outdoor type item and this one I did buy with the thought of reselling on Ebay an
Igloo beverage canteen with an insulated carry bag! It's 48 oz with a sipping or pouring top and adjustable to shoulder length carry strap! It is also in cool colors, love it 

$1.85 I couldn't find one exactly like it on Ebay but one similar is listed for $25.00  
I found this cool "color combo" throw rug... its like a 5 x 3 I know it will come in handy over in the project house maybe this will be the bathroom rug? $4, laundered it too its drying on the porch chair.  I put all these items in one huge machine $4. to wash all 3. Brown is one of new favorite colors

I'm getting interested in drinking more and more...LOL so I found this excellent vintage GEORGES BRIARD insulated ice bucket. I paid $ has a couple small condition issues but no matter to me, I cleaned it up and it will go in the "bar" of the project house! It has a vinyl padded cover in a simulated wood grain pattern with a tacky gold plate for engraving your name if you wish...I mean it screams 70's to me!  Similar ones sell on ebay for $35.99 plus shipping! Score another bargain!

And let me see what else did I get...? Oh Yeah this absolutely cute pony!!  She is having a HORRIBLE hair day.  I've come across this problem before with dolls the hair a matted mess...So its off to my salon to get it right she is before---
 look how pitiful...

This is from Paradise Horses its about 18" tall ($3.87) she has on leg protectors and front boots so she may be getting ready for a horse show...When I had real horses I learned how to properly groom one by the time I was 12 yrs old...When you're combing out a tail always start at the bottom and work up use a big tooth comb on tangles...SO I did that for "CoCoa" I think that name goes well with her dark brown coat and flax mane n real life some Liver chestnuts have similar coloring. SO I got my detangler, big tooth comb, scissors and got busy...once you get the tangles out you can smooth it down with a fine tooth comb and some hair spray!

my lil pony 007 my lil pony 009 my lil pony 010

Now look at her how gorgeous she came out I used a lint brush on her coat I could have braided the hair while wet and given her waves but I love this look for her...maybe she will get a perm wave next time?

            my lil pony 011 my lil pony 014

I enjoy going 'thrifting', when I have time, and I resell a lot on Ebay. I'm not however one who is listing like crazy, I have about 215 items listed and I have a store on Bonanza, and one on Etsy, I also sell my own art and photography on Red Bubble and a couple more spots! Lately its been slow the last item I sold was skull n cross bones doo-rag, and a poster of the '53 Chevy pick up I photographed in Utah a few yrs back!  I am keeping this pony---we'll have to see where she ends up!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Replies
    1. Our Goodwill just increased in size so more goodies to go through!

  2. That was an amazing haul. The pony is adorable. We went to Goodwill just before we left Florida because we needed sheets to put between the sides of the boat for storage. The ones I got for Two bucks or less were better than the ones I had on our bed. (The plastic sides come off the boat and have to lay flat.).

    1. I sis see all sorts of linens..I'm gonna keep hoping the right color shower curtain shows up...I notice when people buy the wrong size or color, they dump it at stuff!!

  3. The sleeping bag sounds awesome! One of my dog always wants to be INSIDE my sleeping bag with me so I can never zip it all the way, we just don't fit. I really like that igloo canteen/carrier and nice find on the new pack.

    1. Ha, yep when Annie goes she always tries to get in my bed..but I hate sand in my sleeping I push her

  4. You sure did get some great buys. Love the little horse nice job fixing her up


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