Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No Sweat...

I have been working, but I have not been blogging...just reading your blogs lately.  I finally met the lady who decided to de-flower my entire back yard potted plants and all...

She had no comment....she keeps her spotted fawn in the wooded area of my pasture we accidentally flushed him a few days ago HE ran like a .....DEER!

One easy (but took forever) project I did finish is this dresser... got its final stripping 
Here is the before when it was painted white, 


Its not a great quality dresser but it is mid century or older..
The mice chewed the fringe off that wool rug when it was out on the porch rolled up! I think I will turn the edge under and stitch it down cause I love this rug have had it for years.

The Bathroom

Wish I had more glamorous photos to share...but IM working on plumbing STILL And namely the tub/shower area.  I put up Backer board on the walls where the tub will go you have to use thin set and fiberglass tape to finish the joints this makes it more water tight. The top will be finished with wall board of some kind~ 

The other end is where the pipes are and I had to get a new water valve to go in the wall..removing the old one was quite a feat!! But finally did get it out.

This wall scares me, cause look how much the support was cut out to accommodate the pipes! it was actually hacked out with an axe by the looks of it so done longgg ago. I wanted to go one handle but it was going to be too complicated and I couldn't get the old cast iron pipe to move... it was solid!! SO back with a 3 handle is the easy solution and IM all about easy at this point. 


              Bathroom work 023              Bathroom work 031 
    the old galvanized steel water lines is where I'll be attaching the new valve,
     I got a Moen handle set.  SO I Cut some copper pipe

Bathroom work 034             Bathroom work 024

Make sure its cleaned really well I use this little thing to clean the pipe  it has some steel burshes inside and you stick the pipe in and twist...and you have to sand it to a bright finish

Bathroom work 025            Bathroom work 026

You have to sand the inside of the fitting you will attach to the pipe this fitting is a male adapter 1/2" and you put this goo called FLUX on both the pipe and inside the adapter.

Bathroom work 027            Bathroom work 028

flux it up good and then push the fitting into place where it will go 

        Bathroom work 038                     Bathroom work 029

Next you have to fire up a Butane torch...and then you get your solder ready by stretching a good length off the roll..

 Bathroom work 030          Bathroom work 035

No photos of me using the torch since I was Using the torch! But you place the flame that you have adjusted to a bright blue, at the joint of the pipes when you see the flux start to melt try touching the solder to the joint under the flame and see if its hot enough if not heat up the joint some more and try again...once its hot enough the solder will melt and flow into the fluxed area and this seals your joint! It looks like liquid mercury when its melted...

Bathroom work 036           Bathroom work 037

Put some thread tape on all the attached  threaded ends when its all cooled the male end and the female end...I'm not happy with using sex terms when describing pipe Geeze... but that's the proper NAMES of these fittings!
Bathroom work 039          Bathroom work 040

This is the tub spout complete... and here it is all assembled and attached in place hard to see it..but its there.

Bathroom work 041          Bathroom work 042

... here is where the handles and the spout goes and this is where the shower head will go the wood placed in front is where the tub will attach to this wall...I put that up after installing the pipes. 

Next the backer board will go up over this wall...I don't have water on to test this I just got my fingers crossed that my joints are good! After that board is in place the tub needs to be attached in the drain area...I still have the floor open in order to make that connection. 

So I have one burn on my hand and one broken pinky finger for my trouble, a lot cheaper than a plumber the parts to do this cost $130.00 I already had all the tools and the torch and flux I bought a length of copper pipe, a Moen shower/tub kit, and the fittings you saw me put on.  It took me 3 hrs to do this, so I figure I saved at least $300 on labor. 
Actually there was.... 

quiet a lot of SWEATING going on!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. It's amazing what you can find under layers of paint. Nice piece. Your plumbing is quite a bit of work but it looks good. I don't know how you do all this in the heat and humidity.

    1. Hi Jo I know Im pleased with thr dresser, I do need to touch up a few spots

  2. As usual, wow! Although I am disappointed that you didn't have someone come over and take a picture of you using the torch. ;-D

    1. No one else is around...just the dogs!

  3. Really interesting and great effort Best wishes!

  4. Wow, your DIY skills amaze me. Well done.

  5. Superb effort again and congrats on getting that plumbing done. Do you do requests as my bathroom could do with a refurb as well.

    1. Only if free airfare is included lol

  6. You are amazing! All that work AND it was almost 100 degrees? Hope the pinky finger heals up quick.

    1. I could have mopped the floor with my shirt it was so wet...BUT It was 105 the next day I didnt stick my head outta the AC.

  7. Your garden thief is a very pretty criminal! It's just amazing to me how you can do everything and anything and do it beautifully! Plumbing is terribly difficult at least according to the DIY expert in this household. Not me, as you know. He says the pros deserve the big bucks they get, but I am glad we don't have to pay them.

    1. IF I had money my life would be quite dull--I wouldnt know what to do with all the free time..lol

  8. You've done a fabulous job on the dresser.


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