Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Even if its only dusting the window ledge to me its PROGRESS!

I ordered the match stick shades but they were too wide so I returned them and ended up with these bamboo roman shades...I really don't like roman shades when you pull them up they hang too low...I could change the string and make them roll ups and I may do that!  I got matching ones for the living room too.

AND it certainly is NOT pretty but guess what? the Toilet has a New Pipe made of PVC and no more cast iron here...well there is one piece of iron Under the kitchen I cant get to due to claustrophobia!

Ain't it pretty? One word Plumbing sucks!

I still have to put in the tub drain line and  sink drains and the old iron has been removed in those areas...I also put down plastic sheeting Now a days they suggest a vapor barrier in a crawl space..I taped 2 of the longest painting poles I had together and used that weird contraption to spread this plastic out as best I could..still have MORE to put in.

Those rotted pieces you see are NOT staying that's what I ripped out I'm using it like a hand rail to help me get in and out of this hole...ugggh

I cleaned up the tub...it had several bathtub rings...I think I will be getting a tub painting kit and make it bright white...it was almond and it has yellowed..

ITS A beginning toward getting the bathroom DONE...

In the kitchen I got the microwave in place

think I'll attach this wine rack to the bottom of this table  it goes on the little island but I think that open space in the island can be made better use of as storage space...here  is the little island I mentioned in my last post..

Bought this in the 80's so it's real wood with some laminate on the side and the door fronts and its a pale yellow that matches the kitchen paint really well... sorry Ive cluttered it up with my tools and such... but this is a work site..

the stove is in the process of getting a spit shine..

I put a splash guard behind the stove of clear acrylic 

AND the attic Scare is now GONE a new one will be put in soon---made of metal and with a 375 lb weight limit!

I already prepped for the new installation..All I have to do is purchase it!

Not leaps and bounds but progress all the same. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Like the bamboo shades , can't have them here to close to the other houses.

    1. Im not sure I like the dark color of these shades I havent hung the ohter 2 yet till I make up my mind--

  2. Kudos to you! Awesome progress!!! Our bathroom is still torn up....it's so hard to find time to work on it right now. There's always so much to do. :) Good luck!

    1. Jennifer as you know when you have an old house its always something--I admire the work y'all have done!

  3. I would definitely draw the line at fixing the toilet. Hats off to you!

    1. I am working with brand new pipes and havent purchased the new toilet yet when I do I plan to get the tall one, my sister and I replaced the toilet in Mom's bathroom 4 years ago and we put in the tall one I never realized how much better a tall one is to use!

  4. Replies
    1. Nope, I think any one of you could do this too...

  5. I am always in total awe of your ability and talent. But that you can plumb, leaves me totally speechless with amazement. Bill can do anything just about, but when there is a plumbing job I hear words I didn't know he knew. He says it sucks too. We had a faucet break last year and I had to leave the house ... Couldn't stand even being here. But he got it fixed. And saved us big dollars. If not for DYI, we wouldn't be in very good shape. The only thing is, I'm not the one who does it and you are.


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