Saturday, February 7, 2015

Every moment counts...

I know y'all are tired of my project blogs, but right now this is my life, and since its something I'm creating it's my art too. 5 yrs I can look back and say oh yeah...that's what I did way back then.

I found this poor dead cardinal so gave him a decent burial...It is my opinion that every living creature makes a difference in the world and the passing of that creature does affect us all in some way unknown to us but it is so...this bird had a family, he had friends he made a difference....I validate his life and his passing and he will be missed. I hope you will take a moment and think about him and what he meant in this world. He lived on the Earth, he found what he needed among us, and now he is passing on...

I have been sanding the sheetrock, every day for hours and hours I come home looking like I've been dusted with Powdered Sugar...I finally got it to a point where I think its good enough has a few areas I will work on a little at a time, not painting it right away...

I've turned my attention to the cabinets- I don't have any Afters of this yet so be patient it's gonna take a while...but I have a MASTER plan:
  1. remove the doors
  2. remove the hardware and strip all the paint off
  3. Strip 4 or 5 layers of paint off the cabinets & sand
  4. stain the uppers
  5. repaint the bottoms 
SO I made it through 1 & 2 now I'm somewhere in the middle of
3 & 4...As you see this old sink base is one of those porcelain enamel over steel cabinets in the beginning it had one of those awesome big porcelain sinks with a drainboard on one side why did WE get rid of that? So it has 3 doors and 2 drawers...its very rusty..and it also has 4 or 5 layers of Im stripping it to the bare metal--I am playing it all by ear!  The insides I will scrape sand by hand and spray paint with a gloss Rustoleum. 

IT'S EASY! ..............Of course I' joking OH I do have one After to show you check this out..

This says it all...Im also using paint goes through the first 3 layers of paint..

then I use the sander to get through that last paint layer...

and that gets it to this point...

This is a lower and it was a test subject it will be repainted...I know it was a lot of work just for a test to see how it could best be done the tops are BIG so now I know how to proceed.  Since the metal cabinet is so bad and will have to be painted I figured make it all one color on the bottom..Im stripping back to the wood for a smooth finish. 

I know the dishes are still in the cabinets they were safe there but now...they gotta be moved!

I have to paint the inside of the cabinets I think to save time I'll tape it off put down some drop cloth and use spray paint...a nice bright white-I will stain this upper wood part and the 4 big doors....I'm not going to strip the wood shelves and valance  too complex, so Ill give it a light sanding and degloss before painting.

I love the old hinges and they are coming out really good.  I will be looking for some new handles...I want to go back with old fashioned looking chrome, I will check Ebay for used ones... 


This one is gonna be a challenge!

What's your latest challenge?

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. In the middle of all that work, you found time to bury the Cardinal.

    1. Absolutely...and I know if a bird could bury me when I keel over from exhaustion he would!

  2. I'm happy you made time to bury the Cardinal. They are such beautiful birds and I love their song.
    Those cabinets will be beautiful when your done.

    1. I sure hope so IF only money was NO OBJECT I would have new doors made it would be so nice!!

  3. Oh that sander before and after pic made my arms ache just looking at it.

    1. I have been working on these a bit at a time for a few weeks now so far I've gone through 2 of those wheels, and about 5 of the sanding belts for my big sander!! I have to take it slow---I think of it as doing a 10 inch square then do something else and then back for another 10 inches...

  4. It is going to be so beautiful though ... I used to have challenges , but now I am retired ;))) .

    Thank you for your meditation on the life of the cardinal and all creatures.

    1. we watch the cardinals every day and we witness how they raise their young so I know they are very partner I felt the loss the female must be going through...
      AND I put in a bid on some nice handles this week used ones so they should fit right in!

  5. I for one will never tire of your project blogs as I'm constantly impressed at the amount of work you take on yourself. Sorry to hear about the Cardinal and completely agree with your sentiments.

  6. Actually I'm not tired of hearing about your projects, just don't ask me to help. I can't imagine doing what you're doing, but I like seeing the steps and the finished product.


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