Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things are Looking ^ UP ^

Toward the ceiling that is...

The sheetrock is up now its up to me to try and tape and mud it!  Can I say a big thank you to my Sister and her Husband for helping me gets this photos of the process only the results And the shots I did take are not so good!! I will take more as I get the taping going...

 Ceiling Before--was tile with 4 inch batons
  (And that is an indoor wind chime I always enjoyed hearing it when the ceiling fan was on!  I'm considering NOT putting a ceiling fan back up  WWYD about that?)
(tip: to move a heavy sofa, lay a blanket on the floor or plastic if you have carpet, and tip it over on its back or up on end, now one person can easily slide it around)

with batons and some tile removed the two ceilings are the same level...there used to be a wall here it was removed in 1977

took 12 sheets of Dry Wall or Sheet Rock as I call it..this is a really awful photo at end of this job the day was cloudy so we had harsh work lights aimed up and my hands were so totally in pain I could hardly hold up my camera without trembling

I will finish around the attic stairway once its replaced with a new one this is the death trap that tried to kill me!!  My Brother in Law has offered to help install a new one IT will be metal no wood to break under the unsuspecting...I priced them its about $179.00 well worth it!!  I really want to be one of the people who drags this monster to the trash pile.

I drew those arrows on the wall to help us locate the wood underneath it was a big help too!! Once the seams are taped, mud has been applied 3 coats (recommended) then I can put the crown molding back up, prime and paint!  I saved it all and wrote the location of each piece on the back to make it easier to put back up!  Meanwhile I've been watching you tubes on the correct way to mud drywall...holy cow~its one messy job I can say that much!!

Other ceiling work that got accomplished this past week took place in the new entry foyer which is the old laundry room!  The overhead light was this old porcelain light bulb holder - in another very old board and baton ceiling!

2 screws hold it up there...removed it and I had to mark where the new fixture would sit and cut away the batons to allow the fixture to sit flush against the I used my new oscillating saw for that its one the handiest tools I've ever owned!! Next of course is to connects black and white using electric screw nuts and  install the new fixture...(I picked up at habitat store)...using two longer screws to connect to the overhead electrical metal box....I am a big fan of saving the environment by cutting back on electric usage but these squirrely bulbs are not my favorites--I did put it back in, but I don't like them!

I know I have to paint in there but I can use the blue painters tape prior to paint I may even spray the antique gold finish to an aged bronze, my new favorite metal finish, also can do that while its up with taping it off  next I put on this awesome glass cover I also found at Habitat for $1. Its from the mid century of when this house was built...I love it ...there is no power on in this house just now so I'll have to test it later!!

I have another one of these old porcelain fixtures to replace in the small sun room...not sure what's going up in there yet!  SO I gotta get busy sitting in my van is a bucket of dry wall mud that weights 63 lbs...first I have to figure out how in the {H} I'm gonna get it out and into the house without help...I have one of those rolling hand trucks I think its gonna be called into service today!! Im thinking a ramp to slide it down out of the van the one I built for my dogs to use....
 The sun is out and guess what ..I hear John Wayne again....
Daylights A Burn'n

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You be careful in there! The death trap picture gives me the shivers thinking of all you've been through. It's going to be so nice when you're done ... Glad your sister and BIL were there to help. Even you can't do it all by yourself!

    1. I try to be safe but sometimes stuff happens! I'm accepting all help that is offered and some what isn't lol

    2. I try to be safe but sometimes stuff happens! I'm accepting all help that is offered and some what isn't lol

  2. I continue to be impressed by to your resourcefulness. Good luck with the taping.

    1. Thank you Adam, its much harder than I had thought it would be I've done walls but this is the first ceiling...I think by the time I do the last bit I will have mastered it...but too late lol

  3. Nice job. All that over head work can be a pain in the neck for reals. But what a difference it has made already. Yes it was nice of your sis and bil to help out like that. I hate the mud part the most and it shows in my bathroom.

    1. Yes Mam!! Its a pian in the nick for sure and the back and the hands and the knees I've been so sore my entire body is trying to go on strike.


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