Friday, January 2, 2015

One Door OPENS kinda

2015????   although I have not been blogging about it I have continued to work on "this old house"you know its been 2 yrs now since I started! (long vacation while my arms healed to where I could do much of anything) Now Im learning to ask for help! Something I'm not good at--when you are independent, you don't think of looking for help you get busy figuring out how YOU will solve it.
I've made a lot of changes to the house working away one square foot at a time..I've been really bad about taking before and after shots and when I do so much stuff is in the way its hard to tell what Im doing..I take each step as a putting in a french door into an area where it once was an old window, then became a book case and I ripped it out to allow more light from the sun room to flow into the Living area via a french first I had to remove the old window framing...ACTUALLY RIPPED THIS OUT IN 2013!
THE ROOM seen through this opening was once an open porch! My X and I closed it in and used it as our home office room...but home offices attract clutter ;o(  so I would like to see this as a sun room... I think with these great row of windows it will make a perfect room for plants...and collectibles or the opening has been created...The fireplace sits right here and the backside of the fireplace and chimney are in this is my new opening as seen from inside the sun its this cool old brick on one wall...this room is approx 7 x 12 ft 
 My sister helped me to sheetrock the walls before there was yukky wall paper over partice board! We ripped the particle board off and put up drywall...and I put down a wood floor this was in March of 2013

  Here is my new opening almost ready for the door...and you can see the 1 x 4's that I removed in prep for dry walling the ceiling in the living area...I took these down carefully and am using those in other areas!

here is a shot of the 2 french doors...I decided I wanted them sanded to the bare wood but with a shabby chic look, not perfect because I know with 50 yr old doors and layers of paint they would never be perfect far from it so I did my best and that's good enough for me! This opening you see here is where the other door will go, but the door below is going over by the fireplace.


I removed all the hardware and cleaned it up too removed all the paint oiled it and now it looks much better..shows its age of 50 or so years!

then after many hours with a belt sander and a rotary sander I found wood! 

2 coats of teak and tung oil and it looks pretty good I didn't bother to try and get the paint off on the inside of the glass panes and risk breaking the glass...That could have been done with stripper but my patinece wore out and I wanted to move to me it looks perfect!!

meanwhile....I worked on the door opening trimmed it out primed the panel I replaced over the opening all this paneling will be painted in the end..


Next thing was to attach the hardware to the door and the opening and install the door!  I bought one of those glass knobs for the door the old knob was damaged and not reusable.


and after some whittling, sanding and cussing it fit! and the door stop will be attached to the other side,  and need to drill out the stike plate hole and install that on the door jab.  I usually screw this part up so I'm stalling!  Have to touch up the paint on the trim where I whacked it with the hammer duh----This door will be functional but its more about allowing light in rather than access to the furniture could sit on the Living room side without it being a problem..

How do you like my old coffee table? I purchased this at an antique store on Myrtle Beach way back in 1982!! Its way older than that its a one of a kind made of heavy thick pine and it has been etched with hot irons to burn patterns in the wood! Its catching a lot of dust but it will clean up easy!

ONE more door to strip and it will be re installed in its original location I'll have to come back with that when this room is more like Finished..I have begun trimming out the windows in the small sun room...IM using the 1 x 4's I removed from the ceiling in the LR & Kit. to trim the windows with! Saves money..

and next is painting the ceiling, walls trim, and finally to finish the floor!! 
I can just see one of my old ferns "great grand rootlings" sitting in there soaking up the SC Sun! It's hard working around all the heirlooms junk that I want to keep in the house, so it gets moved from one room to the other....but Progress is being made!!

NOW for the kick in the A** my son has decided he wants to live in this house and he wants to move  in JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Holy Cow-- now where to start!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I swear your can do anything. All your hard work and now your son wants to move in?? Does he come and help you? I can't wait to see more. The french door with the white left around the panes is really cool.. The coffee table is massive and beautiful

    1. so far he has not helped but now...since he heard I am planning to rent it out he figures he and his GF can save a tone of money if they rent it!! SO as long as he pays OK, he is going to be helping me with some of the hard jobs like building a new deck on the front, my bil and sister are coming to sheetrock the ceiling on the weekend of the 17th...and I have offers of help from other family members too SO...gotta get 'er done.

  2. I am very impressed with all your work Sondra. Way beyond my capabilities.
    It all looks amazing.
    It'll be a palace when finished.

    1. MY father could do anything!! I wish he was still alive to help me!! I will have to invite the Queen when I get it done~:o)

  3. You never cease to amaze me. I would never attempt something like that, even if I thought I could do it. Is that a dishwasher in the middle of the room?

    1. YES its the dishwasher from the kitchen dragged it into the LR last yr and its still there LOL I have to test it to see if it still works!

  4. Oh you have gotten so much done, especially considering the "slight" setbacks you've encountered along the way.... I think I would have given up! You are as gutsy as you are talented. Loved the progress report. Sounds like an interesting life change if your son moves in for a while! But company and help!

    1. MY sister was here for all of Sept-Nov 1st so she did a lot to help me...but I did the door sanding and hanging!! NOW Ive got one more to do--I have several projects for my son to help with and it will be better when I get the electric on so I can see what Im doing!!

  5. I just love reading your blog and seeing everything you do- so inspiring! The french doors look great and that is one cool coffee table. So is that good news that your son wants to rent it? I would assume so- you know who to go after if the rent is late, and he would probably care for it more than a random tenant? Hope you're having a great new year!

    1. I would say its a good thing as long as we dont intrude on each other and he pays the rent on time and like you said keeps the house up...their lease runs out in July they have been paying 3 X what they will pay and be getting 3 times the space...BUY its out in the middle of n where he grew up here so he knows that,,, hope they can adjust without much drama!! I had hoped for a snow bird it would only be occupied half the year but you can't say no to family!!


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