Saturday, October 18, 2014

America ---Alive and Well III

Continuing our trek up the Blue Ridge Parkway, on Thursday we stopped at Peaks of Otter campground on the parkway.  There are LOTS of camp spots, I took one close to the comfort station, and soon I was surrounded by 5th wheels, generators, and pit fires---Hello! Quiet time couldn't come soon enough for me! One issue I have with the East there are NO Public Lands!! Scarcely a trace in all of SC there are like areas where you could boondock! Of course I knew I would be staying in the NPS campgrounds...anyway Met a nice lady from CO...who was a single traveler and a member of a Yahoo group called Women With A-Frames and More...she has a Casita tho...and her dog..No photos I was busy trying to get ready for dark  thirty, because Casey and I hiked around the lake upon our arrival, so it was nearing dark when we returned. 

the campground is in the wooded area at the foot of this sharply pointed hill called Sharp Top. Across the lake there is a lodge each room has a lake view...and  there's a nice restaurant too.  It was booked of course a bike tour was in process lotsss of cyclists.  

This is the view from the restaurant..

This is the lodge seen from the other side of the lake...

The trail encircles the lake and along the way is this lovely old cabin  called Polly Woods Ordinary...

Close up...

Polly had a great homestead spot...this heron was fishing in the shallows..

Next morning we headed to the restaurant for breakfast, and I just caught a bit of the sunrise..

Peaks of Otter is at Mile Post 86 give or take, we continued north and came to the James River! Another great spot to hike...

Some nice views along the river walk...

then we followed the Otter Creek trail a loop to Otter lake and back, but Casey refused to fjord the stream here so we turned back...

I tried to point out the stepping stones but he wasn't buying that line!! Floss and Annie would have no problem with going across this but in Casey's defense the water would be over his back! I couldnt carry him and my camera and use my walking stick so....we didnt cross no worries...

there was a view of the lake a little farther down the parkway and some geese were enjoying it


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I am loving this road trip . Even vicariously. Even tho I've just got back from a real one. Wonderful in Autumn. Colors are amazing. Did not realize that about no public lands in the NE. I wonder if it's an RV park wh thet need t run generators.

  2. I like the Polly story- I bet she met some interesting characters in her time there. Beautiful scenery, never gets old...

  3. I can just picture you trying to convince Casey to cross on the stepping stones. That Inn looks pretty small. I guess the 'comfortable bed' wasn't in its own room.

  4. Am I ever envious of you, Casey, and your trip!! Great post.


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