Friday, September 5, 2014


Hard week for me and my family....y'all have seen me write about my X, and the divorce etc...we have not been together for 13 years.....anyway he has had a very bad incident this week and is in the hospital and having a very rough time...I have been sitting by his bed most of the week...I am praying and doing what I can to help.  
This was to be my free 2 weeks, mom went to sisters house..and I had all sorts of trips planned and its not gonna happen right now.  
There is no way I can leave this burden to my son he is trying to work and has home responsibilities although it is awkward when x's friends come to see and they see me... they are a bit taken aback but I just smile and thank them for coming by...
I hope I can get away maybe in October.  On the way to a much needed 1/2 day midweek break...I spotted this old store building

on the road to Lake Marion and had a peaceful afternoon by the water's son and his dad enjoyed fishing this lake back when my son was still living with us at home...

So this brought back good memories of when we were still a family!  I enjoyed the wildlife drive too...

If you have seen the movie or read the book titled the "Notebook" then you have an idea of what we are dealing with....this area has some very tranquil spots to unwind and shake off the stress  like under this moss covered tree.

spotted a few young birds out in the heat of the this wary eastern bluebird with his sweet spots..

He was curious about me, but keeping his distance....then an Immature summer tanager was thrashing a wasp to make it into a meal...

I sat here and enjoyed the sandwich I packed for my lunch...
then continued on...

large stands of these flowers attracted lots of blue grosbeaks is a back-lighted female!

and the fall seeds are ready to fly..

on the backside of the drive this Lilly-pad pond had several common gallinules, or moorhens, if you prefer.  I didn't get any decent shots of the adults, but this one youngster was out walking on the pads..

I was actually able to get lost in watching these guys for an was a great break for my brain..

This vine must be quite old look how big it is wrapped around the length of this tree..

Kind of reminds me of life with all those twists and turns 
Its about 3 weeks till my birthday and the 1 year anniversary of the fall that changed my life...September has not been kind as of late..."if I can make it through December  September, everything is gonna be alright"

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I think its great that you stepped in to help out. Maybe he will turn around quickly and you can resume your life and your trips. Your getaway was a really nice treat for you to unwind. Take care and hang in there.

  2. I hope things improve quickly for you.
    Had a pretty rough period myself recently; not always easy to turn it round.

    Looks a great place to unwind there.

  3. Sorry to hear about your ex. I'm going through something similar with my aunt who is in a memory care facility and recently broke her hip. You're a better person than I since I'm her POA and handling it long distance. Luckily my girls live near her and handle the visiting part.

    1. I'm afraid that is his has moved into stage 3 amazingly fast...I am not his POA his older son is and he lives out of state...My X was supposed to move in with them when he moved out of the old place..but the GF of his son wouldn't allow it! I think he should move him to a facility up there at least so he can know what his needs are.

  4. HI Sondra... A lot of history, memories when things where better !! Your a good women to step in after what you have been through and be there for him!! I know the feeling there are some good memories in my 37 years of marriage ! Now 10 years since my divorce as of this past Sept. 3!!
    Must be a bad month!!
    Bless you girl


  5. I hope things get better soon. I so admire your ability to roll with the punches (and it does seem like life has been punching at you a bit too much lately). Am sure your son is deeply grateful for your willingness to be there for his dad.

    I guess I need to read "The Notebook".


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