Friday, March 7, 2014

A little Rain Must Fall, I guess!

The weather is still playing an important role in the life of us in DixxeLand!  Now for the past 3 days we have had gale force wind, and daily totals of rain in excess of 2 inches! Needless to say spring is on hold! How would you like having this big wet mess in your living room? LoL,  her hair really curls when it gets wet...

and of course with her buddy....

Its a constant battle cleaning u-p behind they track sand, leaves, and what all in on the floor with their trips in and out...

I did get another camera a used Canon it came with 2 lenses I will in time add a few Kodak will still be my main grab and go camera...but at least I am trying to branch out a wee bit.

 I hope it lives up to my expectations! Everything is getting so expensive I had to go with used or not at all! Its heavy so I don't know how many waterfall hikes it will go on...looks like I'll be pulling out that fanny pack, its the one muscle that's big enough to lug this baby around~
I tried it through the window as it has rained almost steady since I got it...and I'm trying to learn the ropes with it..took me forever to find the shutter speed! 
Here's a few photos I snapped with it..

That looks like eye contact to me! She is nibbling on some of the nut and berry seed I provide..

Here she is in the bush that's trying to open up with spring flower..I got this pretty house finch he is all ready for spring..

This Goldfinch looks pretty dry I guess he visited between rain showers...I hope the rain will bring spring on full blast remind me of this when its 100 degrees and no rain in sight!

Its been cold and miserable too...this cardinal is all puffed up against the cold!!

And the chipping sparrow I snapped before the rain started on Tuesday... 

with the poor weather I have not been doing much at the project heat in there but I did take this fan apart paint it and rehang it, I plan to find a 3 light kit for it, instead of the single one it is the 

Dust N All

and the after...

I didnt do a lot the body was brown, I sprayed a hammered pewter, and kept the antique brass part...I hit the blades with a high gloss poly, and now I hope Habitat Store will have a light kit I like for it!

Another project Mom and I did not long is all this Drapery Hardware...

and we put a dark stain on to give an updated yet reto look! Is that an oxymoron?

SUNSHINE is predicted for tomorrow!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You've been busy -- just keeping those feeders full in that yukko weather is quite a job. The birds look as if they appreciate your work! Wishing for sun for you. It's high time.

  2. That fan looks really great! Nice job! Happy almost spring. :)

  3. The camera is great. I guess if I want to upgrade I will also have to go used.
    You went from snow to now lots of rain. Bet those put sure can drag in the mess.

    The fan looks brand new, hope you can find the right light for it.

  4. Some nice shots. Good luck to you and your endeavours. We've had a nice sunny day here in Chester.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Ooh congrats on the new camera! That's always fun. Love the first shot of your dog... I hear ya about the wet furry beasts going in and out of the house. Ralph (my black furry one like yours) just loves sitting out in the rain, then digs in the dirt, then comes inside to spray mud everywhere... Oh I love that chipping sparrow shot too... Nice job!


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