Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'm pooped! I find that I get tired faster since the accident, I guess the 4 months of doing a fraction of my normal daily activities and crossing the age threshold has taken a toll on me. I'm not out.... but I'm down... 

about like our flag after the ice weighted it down till the pole bent.

 I tried to add mushroom compost to my garden beds today there was still snow around the edges but the lettuce we planted before my sister left has sprouted and I've removed the top from the cold frame because the tempts are warming! By weekend we will be in the 70's.  

...the girls wondering why we don't move farther south? We had all this snow, then ice, then rain, and then an Earthquake on Friday night 4.1 on the RS. 

I'm not thrilled with my new camera, its def a step down from the last one (the one that just broke) I guess I'm gonna be looking for a new one..I like to try for bird photos and this camera has no eye piece! I didn't realize that when I bid on it...its very hard sometimes to see birds in the trees so trying to zero in on them while they're up in trees using the screen is pretty impossible.

Like this Northern Flicker even in the bland winter sky he is hard to find...not all are going to be right by the window....once I get back to hiking I will be hoping for woodzie shots! Im ready to go now just waiting on better weather to arrive..


Time is on my side and I think I will be able to at some point resume more of the activities I enjoy, IF I m hope for this year is for Mom to be strong enough for us to do some traveling! Not making any def plans yet its always a wait and see thing with her, she goes through the pain list daily, and now she is getting forgetful...ut-oh! But maybe she will forget the pain and just remember that she feels fine today? 
Nothing was stopping this Eastern Towhee who has lost his tail...ouch

AND I do believe this is Milo come to visit me!!! Remember him? What a sweetheart .....It has to be him, he barely flies when I come outside...all the other birds flush into the trees, he hops on the ground with me right there... another week begins! We are headed upstate for an overnight stay and we are bringing Maggie back with us for a week. It should be a great weekend!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Hey, there, Milo! I really like that last picture. I hope your weather breaks soon (instead of the flag pole.)

  2. I am glad you're getting a break in the weather and are able to take a little trip... I am sure you're ready for it. What a winter. Have fun.


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