Sunday, October 13, 2013

All play and no work....:0)

I am improving daily...and since I can't work...may as well make the best of it...we took the day off since it was Saturday from chores and yard work and projects to visit our local State Park, Goodale Park.

It was a calm day so nice reflections....we checked on the pitcher plants...they are getting into their fall costumes..

this caterpillar was swimming...what it is?  I can't thumb thru a book with these any clues?


and this one was hiding on the leg of the picnic table...any idea?

course JIM had to take a dip...

back home we've been having visits from this Zebra butterfly, first time to our yard..

that was the weekend today was cloudy but nice tempts of 68...tomorrow i get a new cast...Green to match the right one? Maybe!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Great photos!!!! I really love your caterpillar photos. I don't have time to look them up right now, but they seem pretty easy to identify since they are so colorful. Check out David Wagner's Caterpillars of Eastern N. America. It's great!!! You can also post your pics to I love that resource too! Take care. :)

  2. Sorry I can't help out on the caterpillar ID but they look fantastic... I love the reflections in your first image... a beautiful landscape.

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better and getting out and about some...and those are wonderful pictures (dumb question, are you actually able to take them or did your sis do it?). And at least you have an excuse for not being able to look up the caterpillar ID. I only occasionally know birds, never insects and seldom flowers. I have no excuse except pure laziness!

    1. i did take those with my camera hanging around my neck and resting on my bwd arm cast and hitting the shutter button with the good finger!

  4. Sondra.. so glad to see your comment on my post because it jogged this feeble mind of mine that I was going to come by when I was able to comment again without Google goofing with me!!

    So I did see all your post and dropped my jaw when I saw your post of your fall, my god women did you have to do BOTH wrists!!

    So I suppose your world as you knew has come to a halt for awhile!!
    but this post is great love that butterfly and the photo's of it!!
    The first photos is a beauty too!!

    I half expected that you would have taken shots with your toes LOL !!!

    Hope things are going good!!


    1. HA! i have to use my toes to take off my sox n shoz!

  5. I love that first shot; stunning.
    Beautiful caterpillars and butterflies too.
    Jim looks like he's enjoying his dip. :-)

  6. Some great pictures. Glad you are putting your, ahem, leisure time to good use ... relaxing!!!!

  7. It was only just recently I found out pitcher plants grew in the wild, ha! So cool! Love those caterpillars and the butterfly is gorgeous...


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