Friday, August 2, 2013

What Growing in DixxeLand!

I'm having some problems creating a blog post! Last week I gave up...Blogger is not allowing me to type into the editor window, in compose mode, so I have to shift back and forth between HTML and Compose..not fun. Is it just me or the web getting more difficult and more unstable...instead of easier to navigate?
IT could be because Im using windows XP and Explorer 7.0 lol And the scrolling bar that should be here in the edit box is missing

SO I have no idea how this post will turn out! I'll give it a try.

Finally the weekend...I will be working on my DIY home make over project... still on the inside of the same room off the porch. Im just not making the kind of progress I had hoped to. I believe its because Im doing some projects that are brand new to me so Im learning as I go. Budget has a lot more to do with it! I HAVE so that is a big draw Im repurposing and reusing when I can.
Meanwhile here is something completely free and wonderful MY MELON, its a cantaloupe!

LOOK how big with all the rain we've had this month...our norm for July is about 5.5 inches, some counties got 22 inches THIS MONTH! We have already had more than our annual rainfall for the year and we have 5 months to go, our annual is about 43 inches, we've had close to 50 alread! My pasture grass has grown so tall I cant mow it with my old worn out mower, so Ill wait till fall and once frost hits it a couple times I can cut it down then....
Meanwhile I found a local to help me out with it, but she hasnt been able to make a dent in it!

My Yard Deer

She tried to help me out in the old house yard too...

deer 031

Some of the containers I made up this year have done pretty good. I like to root my own plants from year to year. I take cuttings and place them in the a jar with rocks and some water and a root soon grows, I keep it on the window ledge till its time to pot it outside...I rooted this wonderful Purple and bronze colored sweet potato vine this is the 3rd yr Ive had it now...and that pot its in? Well that is a repurposed fire pit, the Pit part! Someone tossed it out in the dumpster out back of the building where I I dragged it out...I drilled a hole in the bottom for dainage, and I placed it in an old planter base and positioned it behind a stone I brought back from the mountains one yr..and its DONE so well! I also winter rooted the Dusty Miller and the Coleus that is in that mixed container. The elephant ears ended up in pots this yr too...

Another mixed container Ive enjoyed this year is the old strawberry pot...this Green Sweet Potato vine I winter rooted along with the purple Wandering Jew. Ive had this pot for manyyy years.

NOW if Miss Deer could get to this poor Fig Tree she would make a right mess of it! I bought it 4 yrs ago. Planted it out in the pasture, and it was eaten right to the ground the first yr, I put a wire cage around it and it grew about 6 inches yr 2 and then they tore into the wire and chewed it down again...yr 3 I gave up...this year I dug up the root and one tiny shoot in the spring and put it in a pot RIGHT next to the house, literally, and LOOK how much its grown in just a couple months! I plan to reset it into a larger pot when the leaves come off in the fall. MAYBE If I leave it in a pot I MAY actually get a fig or two!

Ill take some photos of my progress of the old sunroom make over, and share when its DONE,,,,,I want a finished PROJECT for a change!! Meanwhile the forecast for tomorrow is 30% chance of showers! My little peace sign disappeared I hope it will appear in the next post....



  1. Your yard's looking great and as far as I'm concerned so is your blog...but that sounds awful going from html... I've been having a hard time getting used to my new computer which is windows 8 and of course different. Every time you sneeze, somebody comes up with something new and you have to learn all over again...hard on an old lady (but you are young and you'll get it figured out). I trust that's not "your" cantaloupe looking at me in that last picture didn't look quite ready yet. But boy is it going to taste wonderful when it is.

  2. You've certainly got 'green fingers' Sondra; your plant are looking great.
    I love your garden helper too.

  3. Yes a green thumb you do have! You wouldn't want to see my poor garden.

    Mingus is sniffing my legs all over as I was just visiting two other dogs (well actually their owner) ... traitor, says he!!! Anyway it tickles while I type.

    Love that you have a cantaloupe growing ... hope it tastes extra special good!!!!

  4. HI Sondra...Well what ever you did, it must have worked all looks fine from here, but I hope you don't have to keep fool around to do a post!!
    There is that lovely looking Cantaloupe, sure hope your garden help doesn't get it!! She is a beauty of a helper tough !!
    I love the colors that the potato vines come in, especially the bronze!!
    Good idea rooting them, plants are pretty expensive!!
    Your food faces always crack me up : )
    Keep plugin away on your project!! Remember Rome wasn't built in a day LOL!!

  5. Hey I like your header pretty cool

    1. Thanks Grace, its from one of the waterfall hikes I did this year right here in SC, most people think of Myrtle Beach when they think of SC, but we have some wild and wonderful mountains and wilderness here I wanted to highlight that with my new header!

  6. Wish I was that green fingered Sondra. Looking forward to seeing more updates on the house.

  7. Great ideas with the pots and rooting plants from year to year... They look awesome. Good luck with that fig tree! My neighbor's leans over the fence and drops fruit in the yard so my boys have been checking for "treats" every day... Oh and awesome about the cantaloupe!!

    1. YUM, some fig preserves may be in your future!

  8. You are so lush there too! We received more rain yesterday as well with more on the way today. It's the craziest summer...more like fall! We are getting plenty of tomatoes to eat so we will see if the plants can hang on to give us tomatoes to put away.

  9. Your garden and plants look great!! I don't garden much anymore. Now I just 'sculpt' the weeds. When they're pretty, I let them grow. When they get ugly, down they come!! Love your header. I visited a waterfall up here that was really wide like that. It was spectacular!! Hope you have your blogger issues resolved. Blogger is like that...yeah, it is!

  10. What an interesting neighbour you have. :) It's an intriguing idea with planting the containers this way, I would have thought that some of the flowers are suitable just for being grown indoor.

    I have problems with Blogger from time to time when it resists uploading but not that sort of problems you have. Perhaps you could contact support and ask them to help you solve the problem.

    I'd say that you make an unbelievable progress with your home make over project...


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