Monday, August 19, 2013

My Tool Kit.

I downloaded Google Chrome, and it has helped me with some of the issues I am having with my computer chores..I say chores cause I have quite a lucrative Ebay selling biz that I have to keep up with..HECK I made $20 bucks last month..HAHA.  All kidding aside I am shipping a few boxes a week, so its a lot to keep up with...Chrome is better in some instances.  Besides... "EBAY FORCED ME TO DO IT" I didn't have a choice, every time I logged on it said YOUR browser ain't cutting it, so if you really want to LIST that item you better get an updated browser, I called tech support, all the way to India..
I like it when I decide which tool I"m gonna use...
so I snapped a few photos of some of my most favorite tools, the ones that really help me cut the DIY work load in half..

First off its the paintbrush cleaning receptacle!

These are the handy dandy stackable organizers for screws, nuts, nails, and such...


NEXT,,,,the irreplaceable  paintbrush extension...cant reach it without this...

and last but certainly not least...I hate it when the tip of the caulk tubes gets clogged up with dried up caulk... so I came up with the non latex-caulk tube cover...

I hope everyone has a good sense of humor...ALL These tips are really good ones and completely FREE! 


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You go girl! The right tools for the right job! Glad the home improvement ones and the bloggy one are all working for you.

  2. LOL, I just now really looked at the bottom picture; I'm a little slow, but my sense of humor is in there.

  3. I think you need to patent those priceless tools!

  4. Amazing what one can come up with when they have to! The French word: d├ębrouillard ... resourceful!

  5. Great recycling going on there Sondra.
    A shame more people don't do it though.

  6. Haha oh I love the the paintbrush extender and of course the caulk tube cover...


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