Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THE proof is in the small details...

I guess y'all are wondering what the heck Ive been up to? Sorry Ive been MIA around here..just so many hrs in the day and I spend 8 working, 8 sleeping, and 8 just goofing off I reckon!

SPRING tomorrow--yeah! Hope we have a longggg spring...summer is normally brutal here..
I am still working on the old house...it took me 2 days and 5 tubes of caulk up on the tall extension ladder to get all the windows caulked outside.  Another regular maintainance project that had been neglected for the past 13 yrs. I dont like going up the tall ladder but I have no choice!! Im also getting ready to caulk around the eaves in prep for painting it.

(this was once foundation plantings, now its gone WILD)

The house has 16 windows that I caulked...the old sunroom has 10 MORE windows that need MORE than caulk...so thats a whole project alone.  Some of those will be replaced completely!!

What Im caulking is the crack that has opened by around the window trim like this one.

after the caulking its much better...and it keeps the rain water from getting into spots that cause ROT to happen....this one needs to have the screen straightened and some clean up too...that looks like old rust from a window AC that used to be in this window....but its MUCH better with that big crack gone!  Im gonna try Mr Clean Eraser on that rusty spot..

Another crack filled here--- ..while the weather is warm but not HOT I plan to tackle some of the outdoor projects, I can always paint indoors with AC when it gets hot so I will soon begin the painting of the trim around the roof...and fixing up those bad windows of the old sunroom.  That will be one of the major fix ups of this house. 

ANYONE who has a good idea of how to get rid of English Ivy please Im open for suggestions...its taking over!

I've almost finished putting in that floor in the new Sun Room! Its a sunny room so Library doesnt really suit it.. and the Wall Paper is COMING down slowly...my sister is here visiting so she has been helping.  I will get some photos of that this weekend! Every little thing I do makes this old place a wee bit better!!



  1. Dear Sondra, I have also been MIA from the blogging world.
    What a project! I know the damage "water" can do. Thank goodness I have a son to help me. I'm glad your sister is willing to help. I'm looking forward to your progress reports!
    BTW...It was great take the time for a birding event. You would have enjoyed it as well.:)

  2. Oh...I forgot. I planted English Ivy 10 years ago when I was dumb about it's invasive qualities here in the south. I have ripped it up and it keeps coming back. I'm afraid that (heaven forbid) strong plant killing sprays will be the only way to kill this plant. :(
    Let us know if you find a gentler way to eliminate it.

  3. Happy, happy spring! Good work on your caulking. Steve loves caulk. :) I don't know the best way to get rid of english ivy, but I would yank it out and keep after it. What a problem plant! Just like the non-native wisteria some prior owner planted here. Ugh! Also, I say - go for the color! It's just paint and can be covered over, but I know I've never regretted going bolder..only not going bold enough.

  4. Always psyched to see your progress... Glad to see you're still truckin on your projects. Can't help with the ivy- good luck! I am battling some spreading crap of my own... Happy spring!

  5. That English Ivy is really a bugger to get rid of. Good luck!
    Step by step, progress is being made on the house.

  6. Hey there Girl you got yourself a pile of work going on there!! I know what you mean about ladders "Yikes" I do what I have to, but I don't like it!
    No help on the Ivy ...I have it taking over to , I just keep cutting at it, and pulling it out!! Good luck!!
    Take it careful

  7. Well, I do have something you could try on the ivy. As you know, we don't have grass here in Mesa, but stones. So the challenge is to keep anything from growing in it. I use a garden sprayer filled with straight vinegar with a pinch of dish liquid and it kills any broad leafed plant (doesn't work on grass.) Seems to work better in the sun and heat. Of course this is risky, but if you're desperate, you could try one area. My weeds are also small, so I guess you would have to hit the whole vine. Just a thought. Good luck!

  8. Been stopping by and figured you had been working hard. I'm with you on the ladder...shudder...
    Don't forget to allow yourself a bit of fun time. Although, I'm thinking your so proud of your progress that just watching that house come together is fun for you.

  9. Eight hours just goofing around, right! (and then you show us your remodel/renovation job)....you can't fool me, I know from experience how many hours that stuff takes!!!! Hang in there. We're still in the middle of our project.

  10. A Sun Room, I love that name and above all the idea of enjoying such a room at the moment!!

    You've done so many little improvements to the house that it looks like a big jump already, Sondra. There seems to be so much that needs repair and I'm happy to see your enthusiasm haven't evaporated yet. :)

    I'm sorry, I have no advice how to get rid of English Ivy, it doesn't grow well in my garden so I had quite the opposite problem when I wanted to plant it.


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