Sunday, February 17, 2013

SNOW WHITE and more than 7 Birds!

Guess what? WE had snow yesterday and last night!

 IT was sort of cool I love the way snow makes everything SO beautiful...

I took these shots this morning as the sun was coming up and casting a pink glow on the snowy tree tops!

The Birds stood out against the white Pretty Darn Cute eh?

It was cold they were all puffed out waiting for a turn at the feeder...

northern cardinal

female northern cardinal

pine siskin

Normally down on the ground this mourning dove was chilling up on a snowy branch...

AND the normally hiding in the shadows FOX SPARROW was right out in the open!

AND each branch was perfection with snowy layer...even the tangles of THOSE awful grape vines looked awesome with the snow blanket on it!

The dogs got all excited....

SO I stayed in and watched from the window and had my breakfast!!

IT was kinda sweet to have the snow even if it will all be gone by tomorrow!



  1. Gorgeous snow pictures made even better with the addition of feathered friends. Now that's something I'll never see here in Mesa. I keep saying I'm going to run up to Sedona sometime when it snows there, but I understand it doesn't last long. Anyway, keep warm.

  2. Ooh I love the snowy shots! Looks like you got just the right amount- not too much, not too little. The dogs playing is really cute and that food face cracked me up.

  3. Hi Sondra...One thing hard to miss in snow is the cardinal...such beauties!!
    I'm loving those first two shots,,so tranquil looking, the snow seems to quite the earth! Well except for two playing an barking dogs : ))) LOL
    Always love how you play with your food hee-hee!!
    It is down right wild windy, and cold here !!
    Have a great week

  4. I'm always grateful for snow even if it doesn't last long, it makes such a difference to the winter. The cardinals look wonderful in the white and I love the first two shots!

  5. Lovely photos of your 'snow birds' Sondra! Our snow has only just gone, it looks like we had a fair bit more than you though. Those Cardinals always look stunning but against the snow even more so! The dogs were certainly enjoying it :-)

    Well done on completing the floor by the way!

  6. I love the cardinal pictures in the snow. We don't get those here in Oregon. It must be quite nice to look out your window and see those red beauties at your feeder.

  7. Oh, Sigh. Now I remember that winter used to include snow. Waking up to or suddenly seeing those flakes appear in the air is nature being a magician. Two winters of sun in the desert and I'm feeling nostalgic. Your photos are so beautiful - especially the one with pink sunrise. Am seriously impressed with the job you did on floor repair. I love following your progress, so keep reporting!

  8. The birds are great and the snow is beautiful, especially the early mornings with the pink sky. You have cute breakfasts!

  9. Magical scenes Sondra.
    The dogs certainly look like they're having fun.
    And the Cardinals are such beauties.


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