Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quiet Sunday...

in fact itwas a very quiet Sunday
Is it fall where you are? The fall color this year has been iffy...too wet, too dry not sure why..but some pockets of color are around..

The dogs had to go for their booster shots, we take advantage of the Mobile Pet Vet for I took them for a walk around their favorite lake after for being Good Girls in the crazy line....I dont understand the way some people handle dogs...its so obvious to me its the PEOPLE who dont have a clue, not the dogs~:o)

Then we had to go to Lowes.  Im pricing gates, Im going to be needing one soon...this one is $79? Seems kinda cheap since I priced similar ones at Tractor Supply for $158...but the one at TS has wire mesh along the bottom edge and that is a good idea...

...Im thinking this one is the winner..if that price is correct, seems too good to be true. I have to come back with my trailer..
Meanwhile at Lowes in the garden center I enjoyed watched these House Sparrows take advantage of a water puddle under one of the flower racks...

And naturally I had to buy a few marked down winter annuals------ one dollar.....YEAH!  Flossie was barking at everyone who came within 25 ft of the van, so it was time to'd you spend your quiet Sunday?



  1. If you're investing in a gate I am hoping that means you are keeping the house? I am a bit behind in posts I think but fingers crossed that is the case.

    I had to make a trip to Lowes yesterday and walked away with a pile of cheap trees! Hopefully they survive the winter. Funny I was watching the House Finches in the garden center...

  2. Sondra, The fall colors are rather nice here in NW GA.
    I totally dislike House Sparrows. Those imports kill our native birds i.e. Eastern Bluebirds. I am upset that retail home centers permit them to feed and breed.JMHO

    On a brighter note...hope you find a great deal on a gate!

  3. Fall has been over for about 3 weeks here and now it is cold (-12C) with a thin blanket of snow on the ground...could even get a bit more snow this coming week. The cold came about 3 weeks earlier than expected so I'm having another pickup load of wood brought in tomorrow afternoon. Nothing like wood heat when it gets REALLY cold.

  4. Beautiful lake scene Sondra.
    The sparrow looks like he's having fun.

  5. HI Sondra....I have noticed that some of our UK bird bloggers are concern for there House Sparrows count is way down...I say come to the US and you can shop and watch them at the same time..even Walmart & Home Depot has an abundance of them flying inside LOL!!! "LOOK OUT BELOW" SPLAT!! : )
    They are funny to see in the garden center ..adds sell-ability "APP"of being in your garden!! : )
    That last fella is really getting right into his bath!!
    Nice fall colors...we have not a SPECK left here!!
    That is "pretty cheap" sounding, are you sure that is not just the piece that connects them together lol!!
    So who Or what are you keeping in OR out !! ; )!!

  6. Now there's the difference between you and me, I went to Home Depot today for some plants, but I didn't think to bring my camera. LOL I especially love the picture of the leaves.

  7. A lovely weekend it was and hope the one coming up will be just as good. We bought a gate once as a Christmas present for our son and his (then) wife who lived out in the country and needed one. Great under the tree!


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