Friday, July 20, 2012

My Feet in the Sand

Day two, more fun at Edisto Beach...before the girls got sick and we had to come home we enjoyed long walks down the beach and wading in the surf and they stayed BY The beach chair while I ran in and played with a few crashing waves the water was so warm..I had to share the surf with this guy
The Willet

HE was nice to share! AND this other guy thought it was all a barrel of laughs...
the Laughing Gull:

LOTS of those guys swooping around..

And this Northern Mockingbird was the best watchdog she is patroling her 30 x 30 ft patch..

I started calling this the Lovvvvvvvvve Tree...for a couple of reasons:

First off I love this tree it has a beautiful arch a perfect window created by nature..and secondly...

The Lucky Girl...and the happy couple

Awww young love..and under the lovvvvvvvve tree are beautiful flowers...

THE Perfect setting for amorie'

the sun sets the sea oats a blaze in the early light...all under the Lovvvveeee Tree, you have to say it like that~~

Meanwhile back on the beach my only worry in the world ,,,is the tide gonna reach my chair?

Pretty much------ back at the DixxeLand Express camp....just beyond the lovvvvveeee tree...

IT was dinner time!

The perfect way to spend day two of my beach trip...I know you're wondering why I havent even mentioned the painted bunting...



  1. Looks a beautiful place Sondra.
    I'd have found it hard to drag myself away.
    Luuuurvvv the Lovvvveeee Tree. :-)

  2. Hi Sondra, So sorry to read the girls got sick! You did see plenty during your short stay though. It looked like a great place to visit and you took some lovely photos. Love the first one and the one of the gull!

    Love the photo of the Raccoons on the previous post and also the ones of the girls, they looked like the heat was getting to them a bit. I bet they wish they could take those gorgeous coats off sometimes :-)

  3. Damn right I'm wondering!! But the doves making whoopee are pretty hilarious- talk about awkward! Love how the sun makes all these photos look- so pretty... Gorgeous birds too!

  4. Okay, what painted bunting? Did I miss something?

  5. Fabulous birding -- and that OW tree is really pretty, as long as you remember to duck -- and the flowers -- I love everything about this beach!

  6. Some great pictures here ... I think I need a vacation!


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