Tuesday, December 28, 2010

- Snow Birds-WBW-6

During the recent snow I was went out to photograph the birds that came to visit..and here are a few of them.. Our SC state bird the Carolina Wren...sat on the tree and sang his little heart out..So pretty was the song--loud and clear no mistaking he was excited to be alive on that snowy day! The males and females look the same so...this could be a she singing--

Thryothorus ludovicianus
Another visitor  was the Dark Eyed Junco they migrate here every winter, and I love the little sounds they make while they poke around on the ground looking for fallen seed.  Its almost as if I expect to see them begin to float...they sound so bubbly....Check out  the pink beak!  This is the female, the males got camera shy on me.

Junco hyemalis

One of my very favorite winter visitors is the White Throated Sparrow...his peabody, peabody, peabody song is so sweet I stand by window just to hear him sing!  These stunning sparrows are ground feeders but they will jump onto a feeder every now and then.  This is the male...The bright yellow lores is fantastic on this guy.

Zonotrichia albicollis
We always get a raucous group of pine siskins come in when the weather is bad...I think they come from North Carolina--hooligans they are!  They come in swarms and try to take over the feeders and they usually come along with flocks of Goldfinch.  This time was no different--they came and put on a great show for us in the yard--

Carduelis pinus
Here is the American Goldfinch sharing the feeder with a Carolina Chickadee--these Chickadees swoop in get a seed and take off to break it up in the tree canopy-Love the cute little mask they have-

DEC 476
Carduelis tristis and Parus carolinensis
The snow is almost melted today that's what I love about southern winters its here today gone tomorrow .....did you see what NYC has going on now?  My poor little car would have been completely buried by the snowplows I always dreaded winter when I lived there---

This post is included in World Bird Wednesday, so add your own bird sightings or come by and see what others have to share, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Love the assortment! Great varieties to have visit you.

  2. Lovely photos! We got a mere dusting of snow that lasted overnight. It sure was pretty coming down though!

  3. Love how the Carolina Wren sings no matter what the weather ... there's a lesson there for us!!!

    A lovely assortment ... we don't have so many here!

  4. Awesome shots! I love the little carolina Wren since I've had one at my feeder for the past week.
    Happy New Year.

  5. You sure have beautiful birds in the south! Great captures too. I can't get enough of those Wrens.


  6. That's something I miss - seeing all the birds on my feeder. We don't have the assortment of birds here in the southwest. These are amazing shots of some of my favorites.

  7. What a great selection of birds Dixxe. I love seeing the different birds from other countries.

    Your singing Wren sounds just like ours; a really powerful singer for such a small body.
    And your Pine Siskins sound just like our Siskins here too. I've been watching huge flocks of them the last few days.

    Excellent birds, the world over.

  8. The only birds we have are yours. Lovely things.....thank you.

  9. These are lovely little birds and the captures are fantastic!

  10. Your photos of the birds are just beautiful.I love the little wrens songs too.I just discovered that the juncos are relatives of the sparrows,mostly because I was searching info about the birds for www-6,phylliso

  11. Great bird collection Dixxe. The Carolina Wren is fantastic and the White-throated Sparrow is simply brilliant.

  12. Great series of birds and excellent photos. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I particularly love the first one with the Carolina Wren - beautiful colors!

  14. Have enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning. I am particularly partial to the photo of the Carolina Wren. There is a pair flitting about here, where I am visiting, but they don't stay still long enough to pose for a picture!!!


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