Monday, October 25, 2010

Take What Nature Offers-

Beaufort is a wonderful small town with a big town flair! But we didnt come to Beaufort to see the town we spent most of our time out bird watching and viewing the natural beauty of the area in ACE Basin and the ocean. The ACE is named for the 3 rivers that run through and around it, the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto. It is a wildlife management area. I'd much rather see it become a wildlife refuge with more protection from hunting-as some areas were closed due to "special Lottery hunts."
We saw lots of birds, why is it that birds hate to have their photo taken?  I tried for hours and these are the best I could they hid, flew away, or just turned their heads and presented their butts to so this is what nature offed up for us to bring home, such as...

the retreating Blue Heron

The Elegant Egret

The FINALLY still greater yellowlegs

 the mile high osprey....

the backlit sundried vulture

the quickly gliding by Woodstork

the intelligent iridescent crow

the well camo-ed poorly lit common moorhens-

this huge swarm of Northern Rough Wing Swallows eating the kamacazee mosquitos (you know that kind of mosquito that dive bombs into your eyes..what exactly are they trying to do?) -

Also saw and got terribly blurry fuzzy shots of the never landing belted kingfisher, the well hidden white & glossy ibis, & the I dont have my camera ready bald eagle, and the huge flock of ducks that spooked when I approached! (none shown here) A gaggle of geese, and some very well hidden sparrows, and other song birds!

...but we did see some other critters worth mentioning--

The get that camera outta my face or Ill eat you... american alligator

...and his buddy, the hurry up Im about to disappear underwater gator --

...and we wondered why there were so many air bubbles coming out of these canals...Finally we drove back to Beaufort to catch the sun's last rays and watch the moon come out -

We took a walk along the waterfront...watched the bridge over the Beaufort river opened to allow a barge to pass.

Got hungry for water-side dining...

watched  the light turn to gold as the sun turned in....and so did we!!

The next day we got up and headed to Historic Charleston---
that will be later gator!!


  1. I love your descriptions of the birds and wildlife; so very appropriate the world over, it seems lol

    I love the framing of the bridge between the two chains.

  2. Love your fanciful names for the birds and critters! I'm seeing that photos are all about "the eye". You have it.

  3. Very nice! I really like the bridge, but the birds are great. You saw quite a variety.

  4. What an interesting day it was! I love the photo of the Elegant Egret standing on the little hill. And I had to laugh at your descriptive names like "the I dont have my camera ready bald eagle". Just a few days ago I was studying an English lesson about dashes and hyphens and there were similar examples like "He had this how-stupid-do-you-think-I-am kind of look on his face". English is a beautiful language, I always say that! :-)


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