Saturday, October 2, 2010

Higher Learning

Needless to say with TS. Nicole rushing up the coast this week...we postponed our beach trip to week after next. Mom is going to visit my sister leaving today after a family birthday lunch gathering--we are meeting at LaFiesta! A nice Mexican eatery that has a large Vegetarian Section on the menu...don't understand main stream restaurants that don't? More and more people are going to be making the switch, I predict.

So anyways Last week when I was in the Greenville area I stopped at Furman University. It was originally founded in 1854 as a college for women...but now its co-ed. The Grounds are awesome, like a park with huge mature trees lining the drives and gardens and water fountains everywhere!

Furnan University 006

The campus is spread out but self contained not like the University of SC or NYU up in New York City..where the campus has been chopped up by the city and one has to deal with city traffic to move from class to class...most of the students at Furman use scooters and bikes--like these 2 guys-remember doing this when you were kids?

Furman University (70)

There is a nice lake with waterfowl and this A remake of the original Bell Tower...I didnt get the story on exactly why it had to beremade, but this one was erected in 1965.

The Bell Tower

I really enjoyed seeing the flowers, like these-

Furman University (122)

And this--the name does not fit this beauty..a TOAD LILY!

Pretty in Purple-Toad Lily

And a few birds were around too!..This one took advantage of the shallow pool-



  1. The Toad Lily is beautiful. Definitely the wrong name there lol
    Love that last shot of the bird too.

  2. Yes, I love the Toad Lily too. Great shot of it.

  3. The campus looks wonderful. When I studied at the Institut (of chemical technology) in Prague, there were several buildings in one place inside the city with classes all around the city, I would appreciate such environment awfully!

    The toad lily is really beutiful and it's interesting to see it growing this freely.

  4. What an interesting place to build a bell tower. Nice grounds.

  5. Always look forward to your new photos. Someday you must give me lessons. Perhaps we can trade skills.

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  7. Hey Dixxe! I love your blogs. You hiked part of the AT? That's on my bucket list! I was going to do it Northbound starting next March but had to postpone it for a while.

    Anyway, following your blog now! Looking forward to your updates.

  8. Hi Sarah, welcome to my little corner of the blogshpere...YES I did backpack about 80 miles of the AT, did the approach trail at Springer and had a thrid hike planned when I was involved in a life threatening auto accident..that changed everything and we never got back to the AT!! I hope you get to hike it--

  9. Great flora and fauna pictures and that bell tower is very cool.

  10. I really love that Toad Lily Dixee, the colours are beautiful and the little bird is lovely too, it reminded me of our Greenfinch.

    Hope you enjoy your beach trip :)


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