Tuesday, May 16, 2017

South Padre Island

After my Big Day I was exhausted it lasted long into the night with trying to see the Elf Owl.  Now in real time I am home, I got back in time for mother's day and I hope to be able to get all the posts I want to put up about this Spring Trip posted as quick as I can while my memory is fresh.  So I hope y'all are in the mood.  This is really the last spot I hit strictly for birding.   From here on out it's just what ever bird comes across my path..(and that was LOTS) 

I have done a horrid job with trying to get my birds correctly Identified, my photo's correctly labeled, etc.  I have ID'd some wrong and I hope to eventually get it all corrected.  Trying to go through my Field Guild by lantern light in the van at night was just so not working...now I can do Internet searches etc and try to get them right and please correct me.  I also still use many of the old names for birds and try to find the "current" name if I know it has been changed some I have no clue it's been changed. I'm not just behind the times in one area I'm behind it in all areas. So bear with an old bird while she tries to enjoy her own little birding fantasies. 

By the time I got here, to South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, I was on my 3rd day in the Rio Grande Valley area I was exhausted dealing with the traffic.  Way too many people on the highways.  It is a beautiful place, they have done a wonderful job of creating a mighty fine place to bird.  It is highly accessible for anyone with mobility issues.  What seems like miles of boardwalk..

...gives great access to the water, the marsh and some of the trees.   But before you reach the boardwalk visit the feeders area where you can see the Baltimore Oriole

I wanted this to be an imm. streaked back oriole but I was told by some others it's an Immature Baltimore either way I've never seen one like this before...


I couldn't decide if this bird is a Veery or a Swainson's thrush so I'm going with Swainson's neither is a new to me bird. 

I'm including it because I love the softness of this photo and the bougainvillea in the background is just so colorful!  Hummers were present black chinned, ruby throated, buff bellied...and black bellied whistling ducks were in the water feature up front.  


I headed down the boardwalk after tying my hat on, this is NOT my hat..

This will make a good nest box for some bird!  I found along the boardwalk edges...what I believe is the King Rail .  

The largest of the rails, I did see but never got photos of the yellow rail, and the black rail over at McFaddin NWR nearby Sea Rim while there..the little black rail reminded me of a very small black chicken with huge feet!.  They are so small compared, yet this bird is not large.  Most of him disappeared into the grass.  

A Pectoral Sandpiper, when you think PECS you think chest right? SO I assume its due to the pattern on the chest...I don't know why else this is so named...

Lots of Common Gallinules or Moorhens strutting around on the marsh also.


the legs match the face...and here is a White Ibis with almost no white, it is an immature one..love the bubble gum pink beak and legs. 

Other waders seen were the Reddish Egret he is always running around like he just smoked something kinky...lol 

Also around were the Roseate Spoonbills with their brilliant pink shoulders and spoonbills.

next is a  preening Tri-colored Heron with his big eye...

I think this boardwalk is one of the Convention Center's this awesome spot is shared by 2 public access places.  I drove over to the convention center...right next door

(the Orca Room) where you can walk on their boardwalks and watch the warblers and song birds enjoy the water and seed. 

Here we have male Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, male and female Blue Grosbeaks, and one Dicksissel in the middle background. 

a Nashville Warbler in the water...

with a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak, an immature Orchard Oriole, and a Blue Grosbeak

right on the boardwalk the always pumping of that tail, the Louisiana Waterthrush.  

One of my favorite Photo Opts of the day was getting this Scarlet Tanager. 

In almost a clear shot...with only one hand while I answered a mobile phone call with the other don't tell me I can not multitask! 

I wanted to go around again, but I had decided to leave the Lower Rio Grande area for cooler clims, so I had me some driving to do....I had big plans to go to Brownsville and Sabal Palms but put that on the back burner for a maybe trip to Mexico, Que Bueno?? 

So I made myself some lunch and watched the song birds fly in and out of the trees then headed back over the long bridge to the mainland...but on the way I spotted this..

as big as life Kong, along with this long necked dino...

and some very colorful and realistic coral reefs!

Oh Watch OUT doo  do, doo do

I think we def will need a Bigger Boat!!

Next stop on my Tour of Texas is Falcon Lake State Park!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You had an amazing variety of birds! We had barely any songbirds there, would have loved all those grosbeaks and the dickcissel.

    1. I checked the facebook page for LRGV and yesterday they had some amazing warblers coming through due to a cold front...I had a few Indigo Buntings in that mix too but forgot to list them, but I have Indigo Buntings here in my field. I was happy to see the Dicksissel, been years since seeing one.

  2. As always, great bird pictures. I've never seen several of them even though we spent time in south Texas and went to some of the same places you did.

    1. Hi Barb...I was very happy to see all these great birds in just a short walk (without much effort) and everyone around me was just as excited! It was like a grown up play date.

  3. Yes many birds I have never seen before. So beautiful and the colors are so bright. I think I missed the big migration up on Madera due to the huge fire down on the flat lands. Can't wait to see the next post

    1. I hope that fire is out by now...so scary one can break out anywhere! You might still catch some of the nesting birds if you get a window of opportunity. By the time I left San Padre I had increased my bird life list by 32 species! So much fun to learn these new birds and get more comfortable with knowing what I saw, and when I see it again, I know what I'm looking at! That is the best part.

  4. Wow just wow! What an amazing place for birding. Unbelievable. I thought North Padre Island was amazing when we were there, but you saw even more on South.... beautiful place I am in awe and a bit envious.

    Glad to know you got home safely and look forward to the rest of your trip .

    1. Hi Sallie! The World Birding Centers really make it easy to bird. I was happy I went to all the locations that I did...and I regret not going to the ones I missed!


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