Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quinault, WA to Ft Stephens, OR

As luck would have it I have net tonight and some power!!  You have to count your blessings right?  So I spent my birthday overlooking the Pacific from my little cabin on the ridge at the Kalaloch lodge, it's only a 2 star but it was fine by me...had nice hot shower and fluffy towels and the bed was okay not great but okay you are paying for the view when you stay there.  Casey and I did the tide pool thing again in the morning took a beachy walk found this weird creature...maybe in the barnacle family? I really was not able to find out what it is!

The rocks just offshore were covered with Brown Pelicans...

 off we went South on 101.  

On the map of the Oly. NP  I saw some large trees listed so I went to take a look...One is the "Largest Western Cedar" in the world? 

 See yhe man on the lower left side?....The photos were hard to tell it was so big so I made a video...even that doesnt really...but its kinda neat...

then I went to see the worlds Largest Spruce Tree while my laundry went through its cycles in the Quinault General Store and Laundry.

9-30-10-1 0589-30-10-1 055

So you have to decide for yourself I have not seen every tree so I can't say for sure.  I met this  daughter in the laundry they said they hardly ever get out of Quinault and I can see why its one block long, right by a beautiful reservoir and they are quite content.  For fun he makes makes and paints lead miniature soldiers! He showed me a few and they were quite detailed..

Quinault Mercantile

& Reservoir

I also went to the nearby Merriman Falls It was very pretty the leaves were changing all around it...So quite nice..

I stayed in  nearby Willaby Campground It was not bad...nothing special..back on the road Next day which was 10/1 stopped in Aberdeen WA for more supplies, then crossed back into Oregon via the Astoria Bridge where the Columbia river finally drains into the Pacific!

This area is rich with the history of Lewis and Clark they built a fort here for the winter while waiting on the spring thaw so they could return East with all their findings! Its now a National Historic Park! Here is a replica of the fort, pretty tight quarters for all the men who were with them...I had not really understood that the L & C expedition was a military expedition till I visited this park!

Somehow that escaped me...duh

At one of the overlooks I saw this huge mixed flock in it were
 Northern Pintails I can't make out everything in there they were pretty far out in the water so the movement makes it hard to get a non fuzzy shot..BUT I can def see these are pintails one of my Hoped to see species while on this trip..SO Ka-ching!

I spent the night camped at Ft Stephens...a very LARGE campground and I had an electrical site for a change there...Nice bike lane if you ever get there and they have Yurts, cabins the works...there is a short drive to the beach or you can hike if you wanna...

And it even has an old shipwreck!!

ran aground in 1906 and was left to rot! Here is whats left today...

better hurry if you wanna see The Peter Iredale!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Great pictures once again. Your cabin views are awesome and who needs more than 2 stars, when you had a nice hot shower. The little town is great love little places

  2. We had fun with the kids camping there ... Way back in the day. There was more of that wreck then! Thanks for the memories and the beautiful pics. We hope to do some PNW camping next summer, when we don't have to move! Continued safe travels!

  3. Lovely, lovely! Wow, we are enjoying this trip. :)

  4. Happy to hear you got your pintails! I spent a night at Klaloch lodge years ago and thought it was just fine and cozy. I remember all the warnings about beach logs being a bit freaky tho. You keep reminding me of all these places I need to revisit!


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