Monday, February 16, 2015

Crown Me!

Putting the crown molding back up makes a big difference in how the room looks! I tired really hard to not break any when I took them down...and I numbered the pieces so I'd know where they went...I cut in with the ceiling paint prior to putting up the crowns.

Then up they went! These are not fancy but they're original to this house.

I found it a great help using my "extra pair of hands" this contraption I built to help hold up the dry wall when we put it held the molding up perfectly!

I had to make only one far and it actually looks pretty good!  I did break one! So I found some that matched the profile very well at our local builders supply, and I got a 16 foot piece. this unpainted one is the new one. 

the new 16 foot piece
I found out if I use sheetrock mud to fill the nail holes and the gaps that were present in some of the corners it works better than caulk or wood filler, and its easy to sand and paint!

Some of the pieces I painted prior to installing, especially the ones over the cabinets Im staining!  And this awesome gift from my dear Sister has become invaluable as there is no way I can hammer these up..


Now I'm caulking and painting it and its looking great!  Since I had the paint out...I went ahead and painted the insides of the cabinets...I dont have all the doors stripped yet but I have done a lot more work on the is one of the base units! 



You can see I've stripped the paint off the wood frame and the drawers, the doors will be stripped as soon as it warms up enough to do it outside!  Meanwhile I was able to strip the metal cabinet..


And stripped of all paint!

Im not going for the sleek look so I will repaint it--Inside and out! 
I really wanted to keep this as it is original to the house..

         Im working like a Beaver!!

Here's the uppers with some painting done..

I have a Faux Stained Glass I plan to place on the window that looks out into the Sunroom, but that will go up near the end, lotsss more work to do on this sink area, back splash, new faucet, more lighting and lots more PAINTING!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You amaze me. Just moving right along. upper cabinets look great and all the molding back up too.

    1. I'm really picking up the pace as I'm so ready to be done with it!

  2. It's looking awesome! Brilliant to paint the line around the ceiling before putting the crown molding back up.

    1. I used to have a steady hand to "cut in" but no more so I'm glad I thought to do that too!

  3. Looking good Sondra. All that effort is starting to pay off.

  4. The moulding looks great! We didn't put the floor molding in the Florida room right away... Put it in after living in the room for a season ... It was amazing how much difference that made .... The room looked finished! Ceiling even would be more so. You are doing an amazing job .... Hard work!

  5. Is that a nail gun? You're ready for anything now.

    1. IT is a nail gun Its much lighter than it appears.


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