Sunday, February 10, 2013

Measure once cut 3 times!

HA! Well I made a couple of WRONG cuts but in the end it all worked outl...Well I know y'all are getting sick of me blogging about this dang rotten floor, SO I wont blog about it anymore cause iTS FIXED! finally.

I cut the rotten ends off the boards, and tried to stagger the ends...

Then I cut new subfloor wood outta 1 x 6 treated wood to discourage Termites in the future! (in this corner anyway, WHEN i get this house more in order I will call the Pest People to treat for termites, ALthough I think this is old damage from before the house was moved!

The next step is to add the Rosin Paper.... so I did!

Now you can see the staggered pattern Im talking about...
The next step was to add the new was tricky cause the new wood is 3.5 inches wide and the old is 2.5 inches wide...I could have special ordered this size...but I'm trying to keep costs to a I made this work..

...although the color is different, once the old part is sanded it will lighten up some and I will add stain to the new part to darken it a bit and try to match it up....

Next I plan to remove a WALL in this room!! So for now the floor will be left as is, wont be sanding until all the work in this room is finished and the floor refinish will be done last! Plan to start removing that wall next weekend if all goes well. IM glad to be moving on to something else...

NEW WALKING DEAD starts tonight for all those Dead Heads out there...YA!



  1. Wow, you're doing great!! I wouldn't know how to do all those things, and I always considered myself pretty handy!!

  2. Sondra, I absolutely admire all the work you've done, you're so capable. I'm looking forward to seeing further progress!

  3. I think it looks dang good! Glad you're onto the next big thing.

  4. Excellent job Sondra. I wouldn't know where to start; hopeless at that sort of thing.

  5. That's a very tidy job Sondra. Do you fancy coming to sort out some of my DIY jobs when you're finished?

  6. Havin' too much fun! Good job.You should be proud of yourself!

  7. After doing all that, taking down a wall should be child's play!


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