Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Chance...

Day 3 of my beach trip was a gorgeous day,,,a breezy beach with blue sky..
ITS also the day we have to break camp...but the plan is go to the Learning Center to take at least One hike, and then drive over to the ACE Basin WLR and Bear Island. 
One last look at the ocean and away we go...Annie had been sick overnight but she seemed to be feeling better so I went ahead with my plans..
A short hike in the maritime forest to see an Indain mound ...Flossie didnt act as keen as she normally did to go for a walk..

But it was such a short walk I decided to go on...the mound is over 4,000 yrs old!! ITS made almost completely of Oyster Shells! IT was at one point over 20ft tall but weather had whittled it down to what it is today..its called the Spanish Mount because it was first discovered by the Spanish explorers..

After the hike we headed out to continue our trip...we saw this snowy egret fishing by the bank..

and the Green Heron on the mud flats...

Hiding in the grass nearby was this little fellow I call him big hand Luke! IM not sure it may be a blue crab.

HE tried to pinch Flossie's nose when she went over to see what the heck is this and Annie was ready to get after this cottontail

The spanish moss is everywhere...and gives everything a dreamy look...

just a few  swallows were hanging around..

we broke for lunch but a thunder strom kept the girlz hiding in the van...and I realized Flossie was now sick too...SO at this point I knew we were not going to head upstate as I had planned..and would have to head back home...BUT I still had one last thing to do before leaving this area...

Visit the Learning Center and look for that Painted Bunting, the very reason for picking this location for our trip in the first place!! At the center the ranger tells me  2 nesting pairs are in the area...I saw this northern cardinal female who seems to have  that mite problem that causes the head to lose all the feathers..poor thing.

AND then I see HIM...

The male Painted Bunting on the Learning Center's feeders!

He has every color of the rainbow in his feathers...NEW life bird for me...x'd him off the bullet list.!

I am alreay hoping my next lifer will be the Sandhill and/or Whooping CRANE...dont know where or when yet, just know its a bullet list bird for me...
Back to work Monday-YUK!



  1. What a great ending to your trip Sondra. That bird is just amazing.

    The Indian Mound looks fascinating; and the rest of the birds, and that crab, made for a memorable trip.

    Give the girlz a special hug from me.

  2. Looks like a great trip! How awesome to see a painted bunting!:) How awesome also you and your mom went vegan together. WOW. Thanks for stopping by our blog and for the nice comments.

  3. Oh my gosh -- I love that bunting -- even tho you had to shorten your trip, at least you saw him. I only got a brief glimpse of one once -- would absolutely love to see it as well as you did -- a great picture. As all of yours are -- you had a wonderful trip even if short.

  4. That painted bunting sure posed nicely for you. I guess he knows how gorgeous he is. I've never seen one of those, but have seen both the sandhill and whooping cranes. To see the whoopers, I took a boat trip out of Rockport to the Aransas wildlife refuge along the gulf coast in Texas. During breeding season they guarantee you'll see them. It was very cool.

    1. YES Aransas is on the top of the list...if I should get to go in Spring Kearny Nebraska..also a great spot in NM, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and I may be able to see Sandhill Cranes and Mississippi Cranes in Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR.
      THIS website is very helpful its a list of Wildlife Refuges by State!

      SO I have to save up my gas MONEY!! AND get time off work!

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading. Glad to see you've been having a bit of a fun adventure. So sorry to hear Flossie is not feeling well ... hopefully she is well improved by now.

  6. Oh so awesome you saw the bunting!!!! Congrats! Awesome shots of him too. That cardinal looks crazy- saw a starling like that once but not as colorful as the cardinal. I love the mossy shot and the crab too. Come out here and see some Sandhills! I know Oregon is on your list of states yet to visit.

  7. Sondra, Major congrats on adding the Painted Bunting to your life list!
    Your pics are great!!!

  8. Love the pictures. The Painted Bunting is a beauty.

  9. Oh, well done Sondra! The Painted Bunting is just gorgeous!!! It is so exciting to find a 'new' bird. It really is extraordinarily beautiful.

    I don't think I have ever seen so many swallows in one place!


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