Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last weeks findings...

Sometimes when you're out doing the usual you spot some unusual stuff..Our town is quite old NOT by European standards but by American standards, most of the buildings are old and stately....but like alot of downtown areas Walmart has drawn all the shoppers out into the 'burb areas....and its a struggle to keep the Old Towne Market places going...most of the shoppers downtown are looking for Antiques our town has MANY antique shops....check out the little store in this block bookended by the old bank buildings that have been left behind in favor of Drive thru- banks...
once I had inlaws from the UK visiting.... they just couldnt beleive how we lazy Americans need to have Drive Thru banks and how we dont even have to park or turn off our cars to do our iT is totally lazy--

So this enterprising person is really trying to stand out among the old grey with Sweet Cakes!! I'll have to go visit them and see if the cakes are as delicious as the paint job!!

IT sure stands out eh?  Then I spotted this really unique Crept Myrtle tree it has really cool "skin" and check out that HOLE ...

I drove to a nearby town to do some cemetery photos and I know some of the history of this town its called Kershaw...they are proud of their ROCKS...check out the town mural..there is the "hanging Rock", the Forty Acre Rock, The Gold Mine, The old Rock Quarry, and JESUS ROCKS...
HEY-- Kershaw Rocks!!

AND a brand new year gets off to a great start with the birth of this little she cute or what????

she is SOOOO little and precious!!

and the Europeans are excited about it

european starlings

WELL its almost the weekend again..another 7 days crossed off that countdown.  Im not sure what Ive got planned....I am researching a bit of history that happened around here in 1860...So some photos of my findings may be a fun thing to do this weekend if the rain stays away...weekends are made for impromptu activities!!!



  1. How could you resist? I would have run right into Sweet Cakes! You have to admire them for taking such a risk. That little horsey is precious. I wonder how old it is.

  2. HI Sondra....well now that little pink building sure sticks out..cute little place I would have had to go in and check it out..or look for tasteing
    Baby and mama...that is a precious site!!
    It cruising around can make for some interesting photos..great!!

  3. Drive in banks......I've heard it all now lol

    That little foal is a beauty.

  4. Weekends are DEFINITELY made for impromptu activities! Love that tree and the horse baby is a cutie.

  5. What a fun tour of your week and your neck of the woods! All fun pictures, but the foal and mom are just more than wonderful. Have a great weekend doing whatever comes natural ;>)

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  7. Barbara, I think that little filly was maybe only one day old when I shot this photo..Mom still had signs of the recent birth on her ankles.

  8. That little shop is just too cute. You must go in and see what they have. I love the picture of the young horse and its mom. Great shots as always.

  9. Drive Thru banks? I've never heard of them... and feel quite uncomfortable by imagining doing my banking this way. But one gets used to it, right?

    The little store looks funny but great, inviting to open the door and enter without hesitation. You'd better try that! ;-)

  10. A wonderful post Sondra... like Keith says Drive in Banks????
    were will it end lol!

    Take care xx

  11. I knew all the non Americans would be amazed at the Drive Thru the only good thing I can think of to support the idea is that it keeps down on the amount of space needed for the partons otherwise the parking lots would be as big as a Mall..(another waste of space)... we dont have to park our cars so we "que" up in lines up to 5 deep!! Engines running we sit there and each take our turn at the Kiosk-IF there is a line of cars I do park and go in...but most of the time I know when to hit my bank where there is no line and it takes less than 2 minutes for me to do my banking from my car!!

  12. That is funny about Drive-thu banking. Guess we take them for granted.LOL!
    Nice shots of the town.

    Hey...Mother Nature is really being moody. It is going down into the 20's tonight and going to reach 70 this weekend.

  13. Hi Sondra, the building Sweet Cakes is so cute and it does stand out. That's for sure. The drive thru banks have been around for a long time now, most of my banking life, LOL! The foal is so cute, adorable photos. Great series of photos, I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. I love that tree and the horses with their young!
    Drive Thru bank, you guys ARE amazing :)

  15. HI Eileen, yep we've had drive thru banks about as long as i been driving...but I knew our friends across the big pond would NOT believe


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