Saturday, July 23, 2011


Theres not much new in my life to blog about it gets old talking about how its EXTREMELY HOT it is right now at over 100 degrees every single dayyyyyYYYY...and how that makes the time Im off work extremely BORING--I feel like I'm doing Hard Time....cause its way too hot to get out and ramble around in nature!! SO I have to keep trying to draw nature to me!! I found this caterpillar--its extremely fuzzy n white and it has the look of soft hair, I dont have a clue what it is so if any of you do-- please id it for me..I have placed it in hoping for an ID along with one I found last fall that has me stumped.

Wooly Bear

This Striped Skink came rushing out from under last years leaf cover to scare the H outta me...he may not look it but he's extremely longggg at LEAST 8 INCHES ...practically a snake~~o:<


AND I know ya'll are probably sick of my humm'N birds but this female ruby throated was resting up in an oak tree and its kinda fun to see her size compared to this acorn shell..she is extremely small


Did you know Coleus is so extremely easy to grow from seed or to start from cuttings?  I grew these from seed and in the winter I will take cuttings place them in an old jar half filled with pebbles and water.  I pinch off the lower leaves and submerge at least one of those leaf buds below the water, and soon roots appear...keep them in a south facing window and you will have seedlings to plant directly in your pots or flower beds after frost danger is over..THIS way you dont have to keep buying bedding plants! They look beautiful planted near caladiums (lucky for us if we mulch caladium well it will come back yr after yr) impatients like the shade with the coleus and caladiums some more color in the yard now is from the extremely BIG Frying Pan sized  Hibiscus--the bud's before and after opening are a work of art!!


Some kind of pest made this extremely lacy pattern out of the leaf I kinda liked it.

...Well I can only wait and hope for better weather. Cant travel out of it cause its EVERYWHERE within driving distance of me right now...So just have to wait it out, and realize our weather can change at any given time..Right now Ive got some extreme thinking going on... I would like THIS better--stay cool where ever you are!!



  1. Very nice shots - glad to see you aren't too hot to go out and take pictures. That is one very weird caterpillar! Let us know if you find out what it is.

  2. A lovely variety Sondra, and captured beautifully.
    Coleus is such a lovely plant; great indoors or out here.
    Hope you can manage to keep cool

  3. Hi Sondra...Why does snow look good to me right now
    We are supposed to get some relief tommorrow...drop in humity and temp's in the mid 80's
    I have no idea about you caterpillar...perhaps an albino lol
    Anything that looks like a snake I am not fond of and it would have giving me a fright in fact I would be still runnung!!lol
    Hummer's are always a delight no matter how many times I see bring them on..
    You know it seem my Mom always had a glass on the windowsill over the kitchen sink with a coleus rooting and it just stayed in that glass lol! It is a good idea though!!
    Be cool girl!!

  4. Sorry you're stuck with all this heat - it's nice here in Oregon. That skink is pretty scary looking.

  5. Neat caterpillar. I'm so glad we aren't in a heat wave. We've had it cooler and wetter than usual. Yesterday was the first day without rain in quite a while. Usually a thunder shower or two. Worst thing about this weather is the mosquitoes. I like cooler better than hotter!

  6. The caterpiller looks like it would be hot wearing that ermine coat! Sorry about the heat. Here in Oregon it has actually been cool -- the PNW is maybe the only place that is.

    Lovely pictures. I hope you make it through the heat without melting away. Take care.

  7. I feel your pain.... all I do, except for the few dog trips out is stay INSIDE, AC full blast.
    120F here on most days, ugh....
    Am weeding sporadically through my archives and am totally unproductive :(
    Love your flowers and critters though! At least you have something nice to look at :)

  8. All shots are beautiful but I'm amazed at the top one, I have never seen such a caterpillar before. Absolutely fantastic!

  9. I've never seen a skink before! Your caterpillar looks like it might be a Spotted Apatelodes and we aren't seeing all of it. Did you see any black on it? Kind of looks like bird poop and as conspicuous as it is, is overlooked!

  10. I really feel for you as I have never suffered that kind of heat..
    I love the last image you threw in!

  11. I was going to sit out and bird watch yesterday afternoon but it was like an oven even with a fan going.
    The very pretty caterpillar is a new one for me.
    All your images are cool....especially the last one.:)

  12. lol, don't mention snow. We're having a dreadful summer, if you can call it that. I've had the wood stove going most days. That's a fascinating caterpillar. Very pretty. I love the skink.


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