Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cabin Fever....

Yesterday cabin fever forced me out of the neighborhood (and the need for bread and dog food!)  Figured the sheet of ice would be slush by 2pm  and I was right so I took my sisters Saturn dont you love that word ....Saturn, it turns my mind to the Cosmos... it has front wheel drive and its a HYBRID (a cross between 2 things a clone sort of)

 I do enjoy driving it when you stop it goes into battery power and its dead if it came from outer space or can sneak up on you for sure, if you go under 40 mph it runs so quite you can hear a pin drop...sssssshhhhhh sort of spooky almost!

So of course I took my camera with me, you never know what you're gonna see on the way to or from the grocery store...I've been getting my photog on (thanks Joyce for that terminology) with the birds since I could get them to come to me...but yesterday after I left the Bi-Lo parking lot and headed back with my $60 worth of bread n dogfood (why is it you go for bread n dog food and while you're there you spend $60?--talk about impulse drive) I went in search of  something to photograph!  Guess what I found--


NO you heard me right and I got photos to prove it, Im forwarding these to NASA as soon as I share them with my blog friends!!!! Here it is the final proof of an alien invasion!! At long last all the questions have been answered--They've been hiding right under our noses!!! YES they came right down out of the sky and with a little help they took on form..

Snowman 1

----see the huge blue glass eyes thats what gave this one away he is NOT human Im telling ya!
And there were others trying to disquise themselves as Humanoid -Earthlings but check this one out it's at least 7 ft tall NOW what human is that tall?

snowman 2

Some of the alien beasts pretended to be Females with false eyelashes? I saw the deception right away...


This one was dressed in formal attire as if he was on his way to the ballet or something...he stood dead still when I came upon him...tried to hide behind that lampost but I got a shot of him anyway....they are not fooling me for one minute---

So I kept driving thinking- I have to contact the FBI or Janet Neopolitan Ice Cream -and let them know about this invasion....I mean I've never seen these creatures in this neighborhood before...and check this-
--now if this isnt over the can they think they are fooling us?  I know its a long way from area 52 and Roswell but I think they have arrived!  They rode down from the sky on the snowflakes that fell--they FELL right OUTTA THE SKY--IM TELLING YOU THESE ARE ALIENS...

OMG just look at them pretending to be an entire American Family? Hmmmm thinking to myself - I like those pink dotted scarfs!

I know they came from some distant planet made of ICE--I mean DUH just look at 'em--and their arms are made of WOOD--commmeeee ON-- and a Carrot in the center of the face-- thats just WRONG on every level!  I followed the trail of snow they left behind and I think I know where they parked the space ship they have hidden it here. ---- NO Tracks but see I figured it out ----they dont walk they levitate----I saw HUMANS under their control  throwing balls of the stuff around it flew right thru the air.....I'm forwarding this info to the CIA so they can map it and surround the place asap...

Well cabin fever can and does hit people of all ages and ethnic Studies have been done, but I think just getting out and enjoying the outdoors is the cure!!
---oh wait a minute the dogs are barking, someones at the door let me see who it is.....

OMG ITS THEIR LEADER-----HELP ME I'M being Abducted By Aliens---
I hope they take me someplace Tropical....
Cabin Fever --ITS REAL-They are OUT THERE!


  1. Love the SnowAliens! Even better is that incredibly red barn.
    Jealous of your snow.

  2. Oooh scary creatures! It's coldish here in FL but we haven't been visited by any of THOSE thank goodness. Lovely pictures, great work!!

    I loved the stellar jays in the post below. Miss seeing them here!

  3. Great post Dixxe; and so many aliens you have there.
    I think you have our share too. Looks like they all left here, and travelled across to you.

  4. You're a hoot ... but I hear you where cabin fever is concerned! It has been snowing ALL day here. No walks today ... it would be a tough slog if we tried. Shoveled twice already. The guy that is working on my shower helped both times so that's good because I'm pooped.

  5. This is hysterical! You guys really enjoy your snow!

  6. I love the Aliens. Marvelous. I think you're right about getting out when cabin fever hits. I know exactly what you mean when you go to the store and spend far more than you intended.

  7. Dixxe, What a delightful post! Snowmen men children out playing (I hope) and I'm all about that! I don't miss the snow, though. ~karen

  8. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and taking the time to comment! I loved the pics on your blog today. Although I HATE snow, I was able to appreciate the snow aliens :)


  9. You are just toooo funny. I love that the locals enjoyed the snow and made such wonderful aliens.

  10. Happens to me, too (the spending $60 on an impulse trip to the grocery store, not the aliens).

  11. LLOOLL.... don't let them abduct you over here.
    It was almost freezing two days ago and raining today.
    Not that I complain - I love it :D
    Hope you get spring time soon!
    And the shopping part: Don't ask ME! I wonder the same thing every time :/


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