Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fields Afar--WBW

I guess I should make a post to sort of push that sad news post on down the line, still not feeling too chiper--but before our Wonder Dog passed away we took an outing to Sandhills Wildlife Refuge--we had one nice warm day....before the cold air blasted down from the north...

The refuge is faily local so we have been visiting this place for many years.  I think there is such a thing as over management- they do a zealous amount of burning in the refuge every year--Ive seen such a decline in the wildlife and this year I dont even see Canada Geese on the ponds!  The water is too deep for waders in most of the ponds although we did flush one GB Heron that had been standing on the edge of one pond...I totally understand the idea behind fire being a good thing in nature...but lightening doesnt usually strike the same place year after year so the man made burns are too much..(JMHO)

This refuge has several ponds and lakes-fishing is allowed on the lakes not the ponds--hunting is allowed in season but I dont even see deer, turkey, dove, or quail around there anymore so no idea what they could hunt...maybe back off the roads, this refuge is over 45,000 acres so needless to say we didnt cover the entire refuge. 

some of the ponds had a skim of ice

this nice boardwalk was added a couple yrs ago

from the tulip popular

We visited our favorite open areas looked nice with all the gold hues of the dormant field grasses, and the reeds had nice big plumes to show off.

 The main critters we saw were sparrows! Lots of Sparrows...and a couple that I need help with the ID's...none of the bird shots are great--they were curious but cautious--so they stayed far enough away that I was not a threat to them, which means fuzzy photos--I checked my NatGeo Birds of North America, and Petersons Eastern Birds and came up with possibles-- We had a good day it was fun to be out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and great fun to see the birds good photos or not!! We saw lots of song sparrows but I never got a clear shot at them.
Field Sparrow

Savannah sparrow?

tree sparrow

red wing black bird female?

maybe the savannah again?
The streaking is heavier maybe fox but looks smaller than I normally see for a fox-what do you think?-

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  1. I'm not too happy with over management either lol
    Had quite a heated discussion with a gentleman yesterday, about the butchery of trees and shrubs.

    However....... the refuge looks a great place to visit, and spend a few hours in. Love the first two shots; it feels like I'm standing on that boardwalk.
    Can't help with the bird ID's, but I love to see the different birds out there.

  2. You are so lucky to live close to such a lovely place. That boardwalk pix makes me want to walk right in.

  3. That looks a great place to visit. Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Your pictures make the place look like heaven over management issues aside. What a great sense of composition you have! Bird photography is an extremely difficult craft that's why the reward of a great shot is so uplifting to the photographer and the viewer. You are among the proud few who even attempt it!
    And a Big Hug to you!

  5. Great tour. I think it is a female red wing black bird. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

  6. Thanks for the tour through the Sandhills Wildlife Refuge Dixxe. I'm not too sure about their management practices but I'm glad to see that they have set side 45,000 acres for wildlife.

    That's a great variety of sparrows and nice photos of them too. I thought the third shot might be a Swamp Sparrow, I don't see any wing bars? I agree with the female Red-winged Blackbird and I also think the last photo is most likely a Savannah Sparrow.

  7. Outstanding images of the sparrows! I have yet to see either one or a female Red-Wing.

  8. Outstanding images of the sparrows! I have yet to see either one or a female Red-Wing.


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