Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Still cold...weather men have been known to be wrong--and this is one of those times!! Yesterday I went to Goodale lake not far from here...I had seen a Bald Eagle there earlier and of course I was not in my car and didnt have my camera so I went back later hoping he would be there but Nope wasnt there! So I took a few shots of the lake...its frozen what looks to be 4 - 6 inches of solid ice on the top of the lake! I've never seen that before...ice yes but not so almost completely covering the surface of this lake!!

Warmer tempts are promised for later in this week and rain at the weeks end--so that should help free up the ice there.

Frosty Blue

The ice really showing the blue of the sky off...it was quite pretty..but Im wondering what the birds are doing with no open water?

I found these berries alongside the edge of the lake...not sure the birds like these...


This mocking bird has been attacking my car--he sees his reflection and he is defending his territory---I didnt get all of him in this frame but I got that wild look he is giving me after I scared him off my side mirrors!!

Bet you cant get me!

Speaking of my car I found a crack in my windshield and its getting longer every day so tomorrow the insurance co is sending a guy here to repair it!! That should be interesting to watch!! Im wondering what the mockingbird will think of that!

And this pudgy little squirrel....maybe she is carrying young? She sure is plump, but she eats all my birdseed so I guess she has gained some weight!!

MY Birds look so different these days!

Stay Warm!!



  1. Beautiful shots - I especially like the mockingbird and the pudgy little squirrel.

  2. Lovely photos here Dixxe, the Mockingbird looks quite a character as does the 'chubby' Squirrel! We too have a thaw promised for this weekend...at last!

    Referring to your last post, well done on successfully fighting the virus! I think I had a narrow escape recently when I found myself being inextricably redirected to somewhere unknown to me but was saved by a Firefox add on which prevented me entering the site and by warning me it was dangerous!

    By the way, your 'girlz' are gorgeous! I adore dogs :)

    I see I missed all your great 12 days of Christmas posts (so sorry!!!) but I have just enjoyed them, you really are very creative :)

  3. The lakes here are all frozen too, but rain here today, so hopefully that'll get rid of some of the ice.
    Must be tough for the wildlife that need some open water.
    Lovely shot of the Mocking Bird; and that last picture, wow!

  4. That's so funny about the mockingbird, lol. I love the last picture.


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