Thursday, September 24, 2009

Postcards from Dixxe!

HOWDY THERE! I was home for one day and then off to dog sit upstate SC for my other Im writing from there. My sis's dog is quite old and he is not feeling too good so it's a pretty intense regiment of pills and such...but he is resting comfy right now so I am taking some time to update my blog! OH I had such a wonderful trip out west and even tho I was there for a bit longer than 2 weeks it wasnt enough! We took a fantastic road trip once I arrived in Colorado where big sis lives-we took the rental car and put 1800 miles on it! IN A huge circle--and although we didnt follow the entire Grand Circle most of the attractions we did see are in that vicinity.

We traveled through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in my opinion. I simply cant get enough of Canyon Country in Utah--so much magic there in those rocks of many colors. I took so many photos...omg and Im so happy to have those images to keep my memories fresh of what I saw and what I did. Of course Colorado is not half bad either! Check out this magnificent fall color the Aspen trees shared with me before I had to leave! This photo was taken in the area of Greg Mace Peak, not far from Aspen Colorado.

Please click here for a large view of this handsome area.

ANd this was taken inside a slot canyon near Page AriZona-- if you are even in the area I highly suggest taking a tour with Chief Tsosie and his Navajo Guides!..Fantastic spot. The curves and the striations in the rock are fantastic!

9-08 (77)

you have to see this for yourself!!

and you have to see this guy--I dont know what his official name is but he is super fantastic to look at!

9-09 044

Click here to see him LARGE

And this was a highlight...not just seeing this fantastic arch, but the boat ride thru the Glen Canyon and over Lake Powell to get to this arch--The Rainbow Bridge Natl. Monument--so worth the price--a must see and do!

9-09 206

Larger View Here

I know you guys are gonna be sick n tired of me and my trip photos...but I hope You love the landscape as Much as I do!..

And here are a few of the birds I saw--I didnt get a shot of the Pygmy nuthatch a new life bird for me!..but here is the western blue bird, the mountain blue bird, and the western meadowlark

9-06 084




  1. What an amazing trip you had. Beautiful pictures to remember it all by.
    Love those birds, especially the Western Blue Bird.

  2. Wonderful pictures. The lizard is fabulous. I love reptiles. I have a lot of aspens on my little plot of land and they are now just turning colour. They make the loveliest sound on a very windy day.

  3. Beautiful photos of my most favorite area of the country. Have never seen Rainbow Bridge, but will probably see it on the houseboat trip. Can't wait!

  4. What lovely photos, I love the Lizard and the Western Meadowlark in particular :)


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