Thursday, February 28, 2008

Proud Warriors

This piece is called Proud Warriors its part of my collection Desert Legends
it is made of 3 seperate pieces of art, the first is Tribal Rust, then there is Run Free, and lastly its War Paint

Today I browsed the art of Tatiana Cardeal and I'm still in amazement. She is most talented and If I could chose to be "like someone" it would be her. She has passion and she shares it via her photographs and her words. Her cause is social acceptance of the indigenous people of world and fair and equal rights for all. Her voice is for the ones who have none, and her message is the right one. I too am passionate about life, about injustice, whats happening to our planet. If I could change my life I would...that's so hollow because if YOU cant change yourself then who can? I feel chained in place most of the time, and I feel that my Life Clock is ticking away and yet I have left no mark of my being here.

I want to leave my mark... Maybe my art is a way. Ive always loved the American Southwest and the permanent images that have been imprinted on my mind from my travels to that part of the world. If I could be transported through space, I'd wish to go there each day and enjoy the dry heat while watching a herd of wild mustangs play over the plains. Yet here I sit at a keyboard trying to make a living with the vivid images that come from that inner place where my spirit lives. With these images I find a sense of peace and comfort. If you happen up on this blog it will be by pure chance and I hope you too will see what my art is saying... Freedom is the most important right we have and we should all embrace it, and shout if out from the tops of the highest mountains, lands, or courts. Freedom is our right of passage on this earth.

Note: all artwork is the property of S.Hickman Designs all rights reserved 2008. Although I would love to give my art away, there is the wee problem of food and shelter. So please dont copy, save or duplicate my art. Thank you. If you wish to purchase my art contact me at

Have a day of peace and freedom.

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